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tkolhoff March 20th, 2010 09:10 PM

User created content
I noticed a thread discussing user created content that is being stored on a off site website. I've dloaded several of the files but have had no luck in getting them to load into my 3.5, and PF character generators. When I first did it I got an error stating there were duplicates of several files. I then deleted those files and the errors no longer showed up but I still do not see any indications that the extra data is available for character generation.

Any ideas??


Lawful_g March 21st, 2010 12:50 PM

Some of them may have sources, for example the feats I made need you to go to the hero configuration and allow the book it comes from.

tkolhoff March 26th, 2010 06:43 PM

Ok.. what am I doing wrong?
Im still not able to import the downloads from other users into my HeroLab character generator.....

I have tried to add the books into the approved list of sources for character generation but the items that I have placed into the d20, and pathfinder folders are not listed there.

Any other ideas?


Lawful_g March 27th, 2010 02:52 PM

Right, so just to be clear you have added whatever custom files you got to the correct folder, they should be in something like "Hard Drive -> HeroLab -> data -> d20" by default. Make sure they are not any further in, like inside the "authoring", "manual", or "source" folders, they may not be detected there.

After you have placed them in the correct folder, open hero lab so that the files will compile and be detected. If Herolab is already open when you put the files into the folder, close it and open it again.

It should compile and open up the program, but here is the point you may encounter an error. Tell me if you do.

You should see the configure hero window first, go into the "click to change hero settings" on the right, check the books you want to use, and hit the "Set defaults" button, then the "OK" button to close the settings window, then "OK" again to work with your hero.

Look in the appropriate place to see if the material is being displayed. For example if the file you added was supposed to be the feats from Complete Warrior, look in the feats tab for one or several feats from that book.

If after doing this you still don't see it, check to make sure the files you are adding into the "d20" folder are either ".dat" or ".user" files... if they aren't then the program will ignore them. I only mention this because I encountered this confusion once before. You can generally rename them to the correct file type though....

If you still can't get them to show up.... I don't know.

Tell me how it works out, k?

Lawful_g March 27th, 2010 02:53 PM

Also, you don't have to do this for each individual file, you can add a bunch to the d20 folder at once.

tkolhoff March 28th, 2010 05:05 PM

Ok, I dloaded the files into my Herolab:data:d20 folder on my hard drive. They all are listed an have either the .dat, or .user file names.

When I opened my HL program I do get a few error messages they are.

Syntax error in 'prerequisite rule' script for Thing 'fAscknight' on line 2
->non-existent thing 'cFRaSmite' referenced by script

Syntax error in 'prerequisite rule' script for Thing 'fDevInquis' on line 2
->non-existent thing 'cFRaSmite' referenced by script

Syntax error in 'prerequisite rule' script for Thing 'fDevTracke' on line 2
->non-existent thing 'cFRaSmite' referenced by script

Syntax error in 'prerequisite rule' script for Thing 'fDevPerfor' on line 2
->non-existent thing 'cFRaSmite' referenced by script

Syntax error in 'prerequisite rule' script for Thing 'fObscuLore' on line 5
->non-existent thing 'cMasLore' referenced by script

If I go past this error message and log into HL I then get the configure Hero screen.

At this time I supposed to be able to choose the elements I want to have available for my character creation. What I have available is:

d20 SRD additional domains
d20 SRD Psionic support
Lone Wolf content
Open Content from Unearthed Arcana

Then there are separate a categories....

Pathfinder Adventure Paths
House Rules
Optional Rules
Output Options

I do not see any of the books that have been added in this list of options the items I dloaded are:

AaEG Armor, Weapons, and Gear (C 13-18-09).dat
AaEG Clothing (C 7-29-09).dat
AaEG Materials (C 7-29-09).dat
CA Spells (8-16-09).user
CCha accessory file (CDiv feats).user
CCha accessory file (CWar feats).user
Complete Champion Compile.user
Complete Warrior Feats.user
Complete Warrior Weapons.user
Duskblade (C 2-11-10).user
Halfling Outrider.dat
Magic Item Compendium.dat
PH2 Spells (C 3-5-10).user
Scout (C 8-21-09).dat
Spell Compendium.user

Well, if you have any words of wisdom on how or why they are not showing up for me... I would be very appreciative.


Lawful_g March 28th, 2010 05:31 PM

Ok, I know what is going down here, the Complete Adventurer feats on chiefweasel's site are an old version, and they are searching for some things in other files of mine. I will send you my current version of the Complete Adventurer stuff, and replace the old File (which should be dated 8-11-09) with the new one I e-mail to you. Hopefully that will get everything working for you.

Sorry about the difficulty, I sometimes forget to limit everything to reference only what is found in the core HL product or the same file.

tkolhoff March 28th, 2010 05:52 PM

That would be awesome if you could get it up and running for me... eagerly awaiting your email.


Lawful_g March 28th, 2010 06:45 PM

Alright, updated file sent.

Nigel Fogg The Wayfarer April 18th, 2010 04:20 PM

Hey there Lawful Good. First off, thanks for doing the Scout for D20 but as a friend of mine who just took a level in it pointed out, Disable Device is a class skill per the errata.

I downloaded the file from Cheeseweasel's site so you might want to update that. ;) Alternatively, could you E-Mail the updated file to me?

Any hope you or someone else might do the Cavalier class from Complete Warrior & post that to Cheeseweasel's site? Please, pretty please? :D

Thanks for everyone's efforts to help make Hero Lab & the D20 portion great. :) I use it almost as much as the M&M portion. :)

Nigel Fogg, aka The Wayfarer

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