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Ech0 November 5th, 2020 12:51 PM

"You are currently wearing more than one face covering"
...is the error message I receive when I add a Security Armor Helmet or an Enclosed Breathing Helmet to my character.

I don't wear any other type of face item, though. Not even a respirator (despite Corona :p)! The strange this is: I do not get this type of error when I add a regular helmet or various other kinds of face coverings. What am I doing wrong here?

Mathias November 5th, 2020 01:06 PM

What other worn items, especially head armors, do you have?

The security armor helmets are tagged differently in HL from a standard helmet - presumably the standard "helmet" is just a motorcycle helmet or batting helmet type of thing, and can be combined with respirators, filter masks, ballistic masks, and other face/mouth covering items, but based on the descriptions, the security armor helmets seem to always be face-covering, so they're set up to conflict with items like that.

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