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Seeker1728 June 10th, 2022 01:19 PM

Fundamental Runes
After searching the forum and other sources, I am unable to discern why none of the options to create weapons or armors with Fundamental Runes is available to me.

As I understand the interface on a 8th level character as an example,
  1. Go to the Equipment section
  2. choose weapons or armors
  3. buy or grant the weapon/armor desired
  4. exit the selection table and click the item I want to add a rune to
  5. The menu that pops up has 2 tabs, "Stats & Info" and "Edit and Configure" Select the Edit tab
  6. Gear Customization table is revealed, choose "Fundamental Runes" to add any runes belonging to the Fundamental category

Yet each time i attempt to do this, what I get is NO CHOICE OPTIONS to choose a Fundamental Rune of ANY KIND! I can choose a Property Rune (0 of 1), but the Fundamental Rune list is completely empty. So is this a bug or what am I missing here?

Mathias June 10th, 2022 01:23 PM

It sounds like you're not adding a mundane weapon - that you're adding a pre-built magic weapon, and it's +1, given that you're allowed 0/1 property runes. Which specific item are you adding?

Seeker1728 June 10th, 2022 01:33 PM

Never Mind, but in case anyone else runs into a similar problem, I discovered the underlying reason.

Turns out the template that I borrowed from a fellow HLO user has the Automatic Bonus Progression selected from the GMG Magic Item Variants section, and by doing so, it was hiding the Fundamental Rune choices.

I would like to add my 2 cents. I think inserting a message on the Fundamental Rune selection stating ABP is in effect, making fundamental runes unavailable communicates why such runes aren't selectable..

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