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DreamKnight September 13th, 2010 01:17 PM

Anyway to customize print out & add unit images...
Is there anyway to customize the print out other than the font options in the two output configuration? I wouldn't mind adding some better borders and adding more spacing between squads/units.

Also, can I print out the unit image in the print out? I'm adding the images from my painted army and from other sources I store on my local drive. That was easy to set up though tedious through the data files. Really, shouldn't be a problem just simply being about to point to a image on your drive. This way, LWD isn't legally responsible for that.

You guys should really get paypal. I almost didn't bother buying the software because there's no paypal option. I ended up buying it only cause I was bored and some of my friends wanted me to review it.

You're explanation in your FAQ about paypal is way old. It's very easy to hook up to paypal and it's secure. I do it for my clients and myself all the time.

Also the "Learn More" option seems to be broke.

Other than that, not too bad of an application I guess.

ratboy September 13th, 2010 01:57 PM

AB 3.3 will allow more customized output using xslt. It should be releasing this fall.

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