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Joe October 10th, 2018 09:15 AM

2018-10-10 Update - Build 6CD93dE
Major Changes and Improvements
  • PF2 - Reorganizes skills table into a grid for easier reference of trained skills and proficiency level
    • Signature skills are removed from skills table since they are no longer part of playtest rules
    • Moves footer content for skills table to a preamble so it is more apparent

Changes and Improvements
  • When in maintenance mode, the "Hero Lab Online is Down for Maintenance" page will periodically check with the server to see if it is back up, and automatically reload the app when available again
  • When maintenance mode ends, any open clients will automatically refresh themselves to ensure an up-to-date client is always being used.

Game mechanics changes
  • PF2 – Implemented the errata changes from the 1.2 errata document.
  • PF2 – Implemented the errata changes from the 1.3 errata document, with the exception of the new multiclass archetypes. These will be added in future releases.
  • PF2 – A new Infused Alchemical Items table has been added on the Equipment/Gear tab, so that characters can distinguish their temporary infused items from their normal alchemical items
  • PF2 – The Automatic Knowledge feat was not correctly recognizing Master or Legendary skills as qualifying for its Expert proficiency prereq.
  • PF2 – The Metamagic Channeler and Magic Sense feats were not displaying their description text correctly.
  • PF2 – Implemented the wizard’s Empowering Focus feat
  • PF2 – The prerequisites for the Tactical Debilitations and Vicious Debilitations were being displayed incorrectly
  • PF2 – The fly speed on a familiar was incorrectly reporting an error about the speed not having a maneuverability

loki.the.mischievous October 11th, 2018 11:19 AM

Even though it's not the same book, will this update include Underwater from the first Alien Archive, page 69?

Joe October 12th, 2018 05:45 PM

Shame on me, I had forgotten to mention:

Our implementation of the PF2 Skills changes is very much a work-in-progress. Our goal was to get a fundamentally functional model in your hands ASAP, and not hold back releasing a working version in order to polish some of the rough edges. Expect some UI improvements, polishing, and refinement over the next few releases.

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