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Jay_NOLA March 7th, 2019 10:57 AM

Some Questions
Have a few editor and best way to do stuff questions.

1.) If you have a setting which has specific deities and the deities have certain available powers and you have specific trappings for those powers for the deities. Is it best to put the trappings in each powers description and list each deity next to the appropriate trapping. (This would require making duplicate entries of all the core book powers and precluding the core ones.) or to just list the trapping in the description of the deity. (The deities are set up as Factions and this would be easier and less work.)

2.) How do you set up a Faction to be only available to NPCs and Creatures?

3.) I'm working with the Sundered Skies files and that used SS in IDs which caused in a few places errors with having Slipstream installed which uses SS in its' IDs. I saw a post in which it was said to change the SS ones in Sundered Skies to SU to fix the problem. This worked, but I'm wondering if I need to go in and fix the other Sundered Skies ones that use SS in IDs but aren't causing any problem with Slipstream.

4.) When you want to set up that certain Powers are only available to a certain Faction (Deity) how can you easily tell which ones to select are going to be the Core Book one when you have like 8 or more powers with the same name showing up as select able? I've got like 5 different Armor Powers I can chose cause of the various data files installed for SW settings.


zarlor March 7th, 2019 11:13 AM

I think for 1 and 4 you might have to look at the Hellfrost files to see how they were done there. If I remember correctly that issue applies there as well, or at least I seem to remember seeing a discussion here on the forum about it at some point.

Not sure on 2.

On 3... Changing the other IDs in Sundered Skies outside of the ones you already did could potentially cause issues with anything that references those IDs. That being said I think it would be a good idea to clean those up for both consistency in the file and just in case either file were to be updated in a way that causes another conflict. However, if you do that you'll need to fix all of the dependencies as well (although using something like Notepad++ with a global replace might work to fix all of those). Was there, by chance, a newer version of Sundered Skies released, by chance, to fix that? I think I have both but I don't really remember having to fix them, but that was probably a long time ago when I first got them.

Jay_NOLA March 7th, 2019 12:43 PM

The Hellfrost ones have helped a lot, but Hellfrost didn't have the amount of Trappings details as Sundered Skies does. (Sundered Skies has a free PDF download which gives specific Trapping for all the powers for each of the deities that has it and the Deluxe Conversion guide for it, another free PDF, gives a list of what new Deluxe powers to use in the setting along with the specific trappings details for those. So if a deity has 21 available powers that a priest could get you have each of the 21 powers listed along with a sentence or two for each of the individual powers trappings. Only 2 other things were to drop Guts and to re-title the Scavenger SW Deluxe Edge to Hoarder since Skies has already has a setting Edge called Scavenger.)

The version I just got from the author had the conflict with Slipstream for 3 items of equipment. The forum post that had info on that said that the SS could cause future problems and changing the SS IDs in Skies needed to be cleaned up. No idea if anyone cleaned them up.

Right now I need to add in the the description text for a bunch of Powers and Equipment. Troubleshot the Vehicles (Only 1 of the Vehicles that was done by the author is showing up for some reason, add in the non-human versions of the Vehicles, assign what powers can be gotten from each deity. Add in the Deluxe Conversion stuff, the new Edges and gear from the Modules and 2 island guides (10 things total to add.) 1-4 days of work at the moment for that.

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