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Fenris447 April 16th, 2019 05:54 AM

Ravnica Player Options now available
Thanks to help from Mergon, dungeonguru, daplunk, and Shadowchemosh, I've finished putting together a first pass at the player options in Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica.

How to get it
This is pre-release content. That means that you cant get it just by updating your 5e Community Pack through Hero Lab's interface. You need to go to the GitHub and grab the files. Everything will need to go in your 5e game data folder. You can find where this is through Hero Lab. Click: Tools > Explore Folders > Game System Data Folder.

The needed files
These are the ones you need to pull down or otherwise copy from the GitHub to get everything programmed for GGtR:
  • COM_5ePack_GGtR - Backgrounds and Factions.user
  • COM_5ePack_GGtR - Classes and Spell.user
  • COM_5ePack_GGtR - Races and Languages.user
  • COM_5ePack_VGtM - Races.user
  • COM_5ePack_XGTE - Spells.user
  • COM_Source_110 - Sourcebooks.1st

Method 1: Download it all
Go here and click the green "Clone or download" button. Then click "Download ZIP". Extract the everything into your game data folder. You'll get warnings to overwrite stuff. You don't necessarily need to overwrite everything, just the above files.

Method 2: Copy just the files
Click on each of the five files in the GitHub, then open the same file on your computer in Notepad. If the file doesn't exist on your PC yet (like the three files with GGtR in the name), you'll need to make them first. Copy the full text from the GitHub version and replace the entirety of the file on your computer. Save that file.

Finishing up
Either method you do this, you'll need to reload Hero Lab. Save and quit, or hit ctrl+r. To see these options on a character, use the Configure Hero menu and check the box for Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica.

What's included
  • Order Domain Clerics
  • Circle of Spores Druids
  • The Centaur, Goblin, Minotaur, Loxodon, Vedalken, and Simic Hybrid races
  • Encode Thoughts and Chaos Bolt spells
  • 10 Backgrounds, representing the 10 guilds, with all background features (and factions to track your renown with them)

What's Left
I'd love to say I will get on all these right away. But the truth is, I won't. We have to catch up on Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes first. By the time that's done, Ghosts of Saltmarsh and Acquisitions, Inc. will be released, with plenty of work to do on each. If you're interested in helping with anything, let me know.
  • Bug fixes; the same animal enhancement can be chosen twice and Tireless Precision doesn't work perfectly
  • Monsters
  • NPCs
  • Magic Items

I found a bug/mistake/problem!
Great! This is prerelease material, so the more we find, the better. Tell us as much as you can by logging an issue at the GitHub. We'll see what we can do.

daplunk April 16th, 2019 02:10 PM

Well done!

Enforcer84 April 17th, 2019 09:55 PM

Well done, Fenris.

Mergon April 19th, 2019 08:55 AM

Finally updated this to what you already posted. Looking good.

MNBlockHead April 19th, 2019 11:19 AM

Thank you for doing this for the community!

Enforcer84 April 23rd, 2019 05:42 PM

this is great Fenris. Thank you!

jlong05 June 24th, 2019 08:30 AM

I have interest I saltmarsh as I have a game inn group that we plan to start that campaign in the next month. What would the easiest way be for me to get the additional character functionality, like backgrounds etc, added in for Use? If I took the Ravnica files above and modified those for the saltmarsh, would that be a good base to use and be helpful to the community?

Fenris447 June 24th, 2019 09:30 AM

Taking existing files and modifying them is definitely not recommended, since the moment we release a new version of the Community Pack, your custom versions will be overwritten.

Mergon has done some early work on Saltmarsh already, here, here, and here. If you grab those files and put them into your HL data folder for 5e, they'll get you part of the way.

We haven't tackled how to handle the existing backgrounds that get Saltmarsh-specific elements yet. It's complicated, but the solutions would to either create an adjustment that says "this character is using the Saltmarsh background variants, change background X to that", OR to create new copies of the backgrounds and include the Saltmarsh info.

If you do play around with it and come up with something, feel free to share! We'd definitely want to include it in the pack.

jlong05 June 24th, 2019 09:45 AM

sounds good. To clarify the statement of using existing files. I would have renamed them to not interfere with the Ravnica. just use them as a basis to understand the files since honestly I have done 0 work in HeroLab at this point. or what I did do was like forever ago.

Fenris447 June 24th, 2019 10:36 AM

Ah I understand. Yeah, you can certainly poke around in the Ravnica files all you want. The backgrounds got pretty complicated, moreso than the backgrounds for Saltmarsh would be. But the basic structure is the same.

You have a background Thing that is the selectable item. This includes proficiencies and the like, that are all added within that Thing. Then you have flaws, bonds, etc. that exist as separate Things, but are each assigned to their respective background. Same for background features. A few others have extra abilities, that are programmed as their own Things. Then within the original background Thing, you bootstrap the ability Thing.

That's the super simplistic way to describe it, but that's the gist of it.

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