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DeltaMasterMind October 10th, 2020 10:00 AM

User content support for HLO
So I read on the User forums that there was talk of HLO not supporting user content. Is their any truth to this?

Duggan October 10th, 2020 10:34 AM

FWIW, from here:


Originally Posted by rob (Post 289852)
This is vastly harder within HLO than Classic for one very simple reason. We need to safeguard against user errors with PERFECT success. HLO is a shared resource on a common server that all users access. If a user error is not caught, it can cause everything to fail for everyone. Within Classic, the only one impacted by a user error is the user himself. Not within HLO.

This gets even more complex due HL scripting being an pretty powerful language. For example, it would be trivial in a script to introduce an infinite loop. It's also quite possible to accomplish that in a non-obvious way that spans multiple scripts and procedures. Obviously, an infinite loop would completely screw all other users on the server at that time, so we'd have to detect such errors and deal with them in some reasonable way that doesn't negatively impact the system while giving reasonable feedback to the creating user.

That's just one basic example of hundreds (perhaps thousands) that need to be dealt with.

We've made some inroads towards this goal, but we still have a LOT of work yet to do. So this is something that's still quite a ways off from being exposed to users.

As an interim solution, we've been providing significantly more flexibility to let users customize elements of characters directly within the product, which I believe has greatly reduced the need for the editing system. We have more enhancements along these lines planned, which should allow users to more readily fill in the remaining gaps.

DeltaMasterMind October 10th, 2020 10:58 AM

Ok thanks Duggan for the post! Seems they have a decent idea (good time/resource wise) to this problem.

As a suggestion though, people will still want to add custom/fan-made content so perhaps a contractor service through the volunteers and/or a quarterly forum thread hosting a formated submission log of user files to be tested prior to acceptance to HLO server. This would also help in reducing the amount of submissions and would allow more communal working with VDFC's and LoneWolf development. I for one am better for testing then creating, but I have made my own datasets.

Considering the risk involved it would be the cheaper solution to such an endeavor. However I am really looking forward to the additional flexibilities being offered as I personally like being able to mod a character caused by DM ruling without needing to resort to the editor (this is rare in my case)!

thaX October 16th, 2020 07:17 AM

Basically, this is an App, not a Program.

The move to online only Apps is a trend that was ongoing well before Herolab made the leap. I imagine that the old program needed a lot of work to adjust to the new realities and better implementation of the code to work across multiple gaming systems. As an aid to create and update characters, it is also limited (though it is all I ever wanted) in scope compared to what the App is doing and the future plans of the online tool has.

It would have been nice if Code Monkey could have gotten their character forge programme off the ground after the loss of the Etools license they expertly fixed from Fluid. There are some that still use the PC Gen tools for PF1.

My preference would have been a new program rather than the online App. With improvements and overall better performance of the basics, though, it is a good character creation tool. There is also the fact that one can adjust and use it during play, provided an internet connection is available, though this was already being done by the Ipad program that was snipped into App form.

The biggest advantage to the App is the ability to use any device to access it, since it is browser based instead of legacy based on Windows or Mac. The biggest disadvantage is that User Content, or other content not license through Lonewolf (such as the Psionic books in PF1) that users have ported over in the past, is not possible with the App metrics.

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