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stubbdog January 8th, 2007 08:41 AM

Help needed - GOAL of achievement 3
Ok, here is one that I have not listed before but since I am on a roll of writing stuff, figured I Would throw it on in there.

I GOAL #1, I talked about the normal build rules for a troop. That is all troops are either leader led or solos. All leader led troops will have a leader and a certain number of elites and troops based on their leader level.

In Goal #1, the quest was to figure out the work around for when adepts changed into grunts inside of a troop based on the leader of the troop.

In Goal #3, I need to change soldiers into leaders based on a few criteria.

For this one, we will be talking about the faction of Reven (orcs and goblins). Well, the goblin sublist of reven. The goblins sublist has a rule that says any soldier can become a sergeant of a troop (inheriting a 4-10/0 stat) as long as there are at least 4 of the same type of soldier in the same troop. That is to say a skeeter goblin could not become the leader for a bunch of stinger goblins, unless of course there were at least 4 skeeter goblins also in the troop. The point being that a soldier doesnt have to lead only his own kind, he can lead other kinds, but as long as at least 4 of his own kind are included.

I think my logic is from the squad point of view. I dont think I have to actually change any model types. I only have to validate that there are atleast 4 of any soldier type included in the squad and no more than 10 total units in the squad. And then have it over ride the global validation rules related to leaders.

Along the same lines, there are some goblin types that cannot be used together inside the same troop (stinger goblins dont like shortfang goblins or wormbait goblins) . They can be fielded in the same army build, but not in the same troop together.

So my logic there, I think is from the squad point of view, "If any unit in me (the squad) is of model type X, then I am valid as long as no other unit in me is of model type Y or type Z, etc.."

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