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Negaman October 15th, 2020 06:02 PM

Is there a way to alter the list of Monk approved weapons?
Hi all, please forgive my noobishness. I created some Brass Knuckles and wanted to allow my player's Monk to use them as part of the list of Monk approved weapons, but I can't find a way to alter it or to designate the Brass Knuckles as Monk approved. I tried searching the forums for this and I didn't see that anyone had asked about it yet.

Dami October 15th, 2020 06:14 PM

On your weapon, (in the editor) take a look at the list of things on left hand side. Under Damage, Proficiency, etc is "Group" - click on edit and tick the box for "Monk". This should make your weapon available to a Monk.

Negaman October 19th, 2020 05:11 PM

Thanks for responding, I did try that, but still not working
I did do as you suggested but it didn't seem to work....I looked at other Monk weapons and I can't see any thing that seems to be missing...Is there some other file that needs to be modified?

Dami October 20th, 2020 12:04 AM

Sorry for that. I've just been back in and done some testing, and it didn't work. Like you, I checked 'actual' monk weapons, and their isn't anything different. This suggest that the proficiency has to be added to the Monk class, 'extend thing' might work.

Negaman October 24th, 2020 08:03 AM

Is there a way to add that to the weapon proficiency for monks then?
When I go to do things to the Monk class in the HL Editor, the file I'm finding it in says its a core game system file and I can't modify it. If I can't modify those files, is my only solution to make a new feat that extends the monk proficiencies?

Also, is there a link that explains the "extend thing" in the context of using the editor? Everything I'm finding in the forums looks like coding which is not my strength...I was kind of hoping I wouldn't need a computer science degree to do this

Dami October 24th, 2020 03:37 PM

You can't modify the core files, but you can copy them. So you could make an alternate Monk class. I've got some notes on using Extend Thing, but I've realised they have different ways of using the tags for different things. I'm testing this out and I'll hopefully post a solution today.

EDIT: Okay, forget Extend. I dug around in other files that had monk weapons, and found something in Oriental Adv. Do this - on the weapon, click on the TAGS button (top right), and "add another tag"
Group Id: IsWeapon Tag Id: wUnarmed

Negaman October 25th, 2020 07:18 AM

Thank you very much!
Thank you very much! :D

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