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jlong05 September 12th, 2020 07:55 AM

HLC In Play
Wanted to ask if anyone here uses HLC on PC for in play use during games? I was surprised that the in-play functionality seems so much less functional on my PC versus my HLC iPad app.

Maybe I have something configured wrong, but in-play for dice, abilities, screens etc... all appear less than functional. It just is cumbersome to manage character updates and large text typing on the iPad, so I then use the POC, export the saved character portfolio and then open from my cloud drive for my game session.

Is this really how everyone is doing this??

dungeonguru September 12th, 2020 12:58 PM

I use it on my laptop from time to time when I don't have an internet connection to help me track initiative/monter hit points as a DM.

My players that have it refuse to use the PC or iPad version as a play aid, but just use it as a character validation tool between sessions.

Most of our sessions are now Fantasy Grounds and Discord, both of which have a lot better dice rolling and automation options. Sadly, with the progress that Fantasy Grounds Unity's new character builder is making, my players are likely to drop HLC in the future unless HLC can build some better import/export functionality between the two. I know we can export from HLC, but getting a character updated from FG is trickier.

It would have been nice to see collaboration between the two communities or at least with Roll20.

RavenX September 12th, 2020 02:22 PM

In Play, only for Roll20 online sessions. I just use it between games to update sheets and make pdfs for the players to print if we're at a physical table. This way I don't have to worry about "that one person" losing their sheet every week.

Dami September 12th, 2020 04:16 PM

I mostly use HL to update sheets between games. As a GM, I did regularly take a laptop and ran combat with the Combat Manager for a time. While it helped a lot with initiative tracking, the delay to change monsters, record mass damage, etc between combats was more time consuming than I liked, and the laptop itself took up more space on the table than I wanted. Table space is valuable with 6-7 players. I've gone back to just using it between sessions.
As a player - I took the laptop for a while, and found that was great for just running one character. All my information was handy and when people wanted other stuff like spell descriptions, equipment, etc I generally got to it faster than someone with a book.

If I had a tablet or ipad, I'd use that all the time as a player. I do prefer to roll my own dice, not use the built in roller.

Phrll September 13th, 2020 03:59 AM

I hadn't used the In-Play tab before all my groups moved to Roll20 or Discord this spring but now that I have, I love it. I plan to keep using it with any of the groups that have enough table space for me to bring laptop. I've also started using the Tactical Console as a GM. I've been using HLC to create NPCs, monsters, etc. for a long time but since I didn't take a laptop with me, never used it in a game before.

The_Traveller September 13th, 2020 06:25 PM

So I use HLC at the table all the time. I play D&D AL. Since I have different players every session, I typically have a portfolio with 7 generic characters (they represent the players at the table). I also use RW to run the campaign allowing me to setup the multiple possible encounters. Then I need only import load the encounter into the active portfolio and I can easily keep track of initiative and damage. I don't use the dice roller as i find it clunky so I use an android based on for that.

Yes i have a laptop and a small tablet at my seat. On occasion I use a portable monitor too (draws power from the laptop) to show maps or other handouts that don't need to be printed.

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