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Sendric July 7th, 2020 08:06 AM

Bootstrapping from an Item Power
I've added a couple of Item Powers from Book of Exalted Deeds that were previously missing. Unfortunately, I still don't know how to bootstrap from an item power. If anyone has any ideas on a way to do this I'd love to hear it.

I can only think of two ideas:

1) Create a separate special that bootstraps everything we need using conditional tags then bootstrap that to all the base armor. Obviously this isn't a quick and easy thing to do so I'm hoping someone can come up with something better.

2) Bootstrap things we need to the hero using a conditional and have the item power activate them with a script (such as assigning a tag). This would be much easier than option 1, and may be what I'll end up doing.

I see buttons in the editor called "Auto-adds", "Gizmo", and "Minion". I don't know if these would be helpful since I'm still a little unclear on how they work.

Anyway, if anyone has any thoughts I'd love to hear them.


Illyahr July 8th, 2020 09:41 AM

If there are any similar items already made, you could copy the format of that one.

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