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Harkan_again August 15th, 2017 02:27 AM

Announcement about 40k 8th edition
From today's Lone Wolf Development newsletter:

"A changing of the guard is upon us. Some of the most stalwart volunteers on the Warhammer 40K team for Army Builder are no longer in a position to continue their advance. These key contributors carried the standard for over a decade, and their commissions have sadly come to a close. As they move on to new battlefields, we salute their enduring dedication and hard work. Everyone in the community benefitted from their efforts!

What does this mean for 40K and Army Builder? Quite simply, the 40K volunteer team is looking for new blood to replenish their ranks and carry the standard onward!
Are you familiar with 40K and the inner workings of Army Builder? Do you want to lend a hand, ensuring you and others have updated content for the latest 40K game? Please email datafiles@ab40k.org to tell the team leads a little about yourself and what you can contribute to the effort."

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