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Lunacorva January 18th, 2022 04:22 AM

Create "Positive Levels" in the editor.
Okay. So I'm looking to create a mechanic for my game where characters can recieve "Positive Levels" under certain conditions. Basically the reverse of Negative Levels.

So creating those should be easy right? Go into the editor. Copy the "Negative Levels" Adjustment and swap the -'s for +'s


There are no bootstraps, or Eval scripts or anything that say: "Confer a -x penalty on character."

There's nothing in the middle bar menu on that either. I have NO IDEA how this game calculates how negative levels work. It makes no sense to me.

Dami January 18th, 2022 10:04 PM

You could simply make an adjustment that adds the bonuses that Neg levels take away. Look at the Heroism spell adjustment for an example for how to add the bonuses.

Lunacorva January 19th, 2022 08:05 PM

But that's what I'm saying. There's nowhere to add those bonuses. There's nothing in the editor that applies the penalties. No evalscript, no bootstrap, nothing. It's not there.

Dami January 20th, 2022 12:09 AM

Don't try to reverse the Negative Level adjustment! (There IS an Eval script, but it looks like that works off a tag we don't have access to.)
Simply build your own 'whatever' that grants bonus to-hit, saves, skill checks, and possibly temp/additional HPs. That's what the reverse of a Negative level would be, and why I suggest Heroism as a source. All those things are easy to add, just put them all together in one form.

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