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Duggan August 4th, 2017 04:55 PM

How to set up a separate character for shared by the others
As per this topic, I'm working on the Planet Mercenary files. One of the aspects of the system is that resources are handled on a Company basis. How do I set up a character (presumably the Lead) for the portfolio with a different set of attributes? And how do I set buys from subordinate Mercenaries to come from the Company?

Mathias August 4th, 2017 05:26 PM

Take a look at all the various character settings and properties - ask, "do I need this for the 'company'" character? And if not, figure out where else it's referenced, and how you can set up an if...then for each of those references, so that if it's a company, you ignore or otherwise skip that, and for a regular character, it works properly.

I highly doubt that #2 can be done in Hero Lab, and with less than 2 weeks to Gen Con, I don't have time to research alternatives right now. You'll probably have to trust users to make the right purchases in the right places.

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