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Pooptickler May 18th, 2019 08:38 PM

Feature Request: Solarion Crystal Damage
I'm playing a fifth-level Solarion for Society right now, and it's been mostly enjoyable. And really, big props for adding a print to PDF thing. Really helps everything hold together when I print him out every level.

Now, small problem I've been having. I've been buying and upgrading myself to use Solarion Weapon Crystals, which when used, adds extra damage to your Solar Weapon. Normally, I'd be adding 1d4 from the Crystal to my weapon damage, but for the last two level and a half, I've been forgetting to add the extra damage, because it doesn't change my weapon's stat sheet, and just hangs out in my Inventory.

I formally request that the Weapon Crystals bought and added to your character also show up in the weapon's stats.

Mathias May 19th, 2019 09:44 AM

I just added a level of Solarian to a blank character, added Solar Weapon as my manifestation choice, and then clicked on the solar weapon to open its customization form, and, purchased a photino crystal, shard, and the damage of my solar weapon is now showing as 1d6B+1F.

If you've purchased a crystal on its own, on the gear tab, that means its just being held in your pocket or hand, and isn't currently inserted in your mote (since you may own several crystals and switch between them). To move it into the solar weapon, click on that crystal to open its customization form, and in Manage Gear, find "Move To" - choose Solar Weapon, and then click the Move button.

TheMaskedFerret May 19th, 2019 04:50 PM

To Mods: Please move to the HLO Starfinder section

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