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rob September 25th, 2014 02:04 PM

And one of those documents is entitled "Tips & Tricks". The video covers highlights from that document.

Hope this helps!

liz October 1st, 2014 09:59 PM

There was a post suggesting an "example realm using material not under copyright" and some "upvoting" posts. As it doesn't really fall under the topic of this thread, I've moved those post here.

Dark Lord Galen April 30th, 2015 11:26 PM

Seems a Logical place for a Link.

How to Use Plots

Thanks to Seregil for posting


Dark Lord Galen April 30th, 2015 11:44 PM

Creating Random Tables Using HTML & Java


Thanks to All below for their various round tabling on this topic :
DavidP (LWD)

Just my 2cp
Still think this would be better served (community wise) to have its own spot on forum so all could find without digging through threads. Hero Lab has how many sub-topics? and Realm Works has 2? I just think its time to set up another that captures elements like this.


Dark Lord Galen October 13th, 2016 12:36 PM

How to video by LeeSmith

Originally Posted by LeeSmith (Post 235500)
Hi all, I did a 8 min video of my Home Brew world of Lerchanth some time ago, and thought I'd share it here.


Comments welcome.

Dark Lord Galen October 13th, 2016 12:39 PM

How to insert a table by Silveras

Originally Posted by Silveras (Post 235189)
When you choose to "Convert Text to Table", there are some options you can set before clicking "Ok" to confirm. Make sure the option for columns is set to "Tab".. if there are no tabs in your text, you will need to add them. Id you only have spaces, Word will assume that's what you want to use to make separate columns.

My steps:
  • Copy table from PDF to clipboard
  • Paste into Word
  • Select all text
  • Set the font type and size I want (to match what I use in RealmWorks anyway)
  • Where each column should be, I make sure there is a TAB; this will make the text look uneven in some cases until you convert, but then it lines up. Also, delete extra spaces.
  • Make sure any header has enough TABs to create columns to match the table body (even if some will later be merged)
  • select all of the text in the table again
  • Select Insert|Convert Text to Table
  • Make sure that Word has selected "TAB" as the delimiter for columns
  • Check that the number of columns is what I expected; look over the rows to see if I can find any errors. If I can't, proceed...
  • Click Ok
  • Check the result for mis-aligned text / columns; Use Ctrl-Z to Undo if necessary
  • Fix any errors I found and repeat selecting text and convert to table
  • Merge any Title row cells that need to be merged
  • Merge any other cells that I want for fancy formatting (like titles that extend across all columns in the middle of the table).
  • Copy and paste into RealmWorks

With a little practice, it becomes fairly quick.

Short tables may not be worth the effort, and may just be easier to enter directly in RealmWorks.

So, for your example.. .
  • Copy from PDF
  • Paste into word
  • Add a TAB between "Housing Poor" and 50
  • Add a TAB between "Housing Moderate" and 120
  • Select both lines
  • Select Insert|Convert Text to Table
  • Check that "TAB" is the selected delimiter
  • Click Ok

That should convert those 2 lines into a 2-row 2-column table with the numbers in the second column.

PaganDude October 17th, 2016 06:23 AM

Thank you for this MNBlockHead, as a new user I just could not work this out. I think it was the blank desktop on the 2nd monitor that confused me.

Gord November 5th, 2016 09:30 AM

How to change categories between Almanac and Mechanics References
Just because I think Rob posted a great tip and it will get lost otherwise, I'm copying it to here.

How to change categories between Almanac and Mechanics Reference.

1. Clone the category whose topics you want to migrate so that you have a user-created category.
2. Change the topics/articles based on the global category to be based on the new user-created category.
3. Change the user-created category from topic to article, or vice versa.
4. Change the topics/articles now based on the user-created category to the desired global category.
5. Delete the user-created category that was used solely for migration and is no longer needed.

Dark Lord Galen November 7th, 2017 09:16 AM

Links & Ideas to Manage PDFs
Below are various Tips, and links for managing PDFs brought here for ease of access... Thanks to the collective round-tabling on this topic. I have included links within this site for review of the discussions, a cost comment (as of 1 Nov17 ) and lastly a direct external link to the reference software source if applicable (link Verified as of 1Nov17).

DaPlunk using Gimp for text extraction >
DLG> Gimp is open source and Free

DaPlunk using "GetGreenShot" for quick screen extraction >
DLG> GetGreenShot is open source and Free (For Windows) Mac App($2US)

Jamz fork of Maptools (http://maptool.nerps.net/) as discussed here>
Also this is setup for 64bit, so if having trouble see here>

DaPunks color correction for transparent backgrounds

Jay_Nola for Fantasy Grounds PDF Extraction>
DLG> FantasyGrounds is either subscription ($4-$10/mth) or License based ($39-$149)

Eightbitz for PDFmate
DLG> PDFmate is free, OCR is limited to 3 pages Proversion $40US

Eightbitz & Myself for LibreOffice
DLG> LibreOffice is open source and Free using Open Document Formatting

DaPunks You-tube Page>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5gu...ature=youtu.be

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