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Yosef June 11th, 2013 04:53 AM

Player character "memory" feature
If each player was connected on the cloud it would be awesome if the DM could have player specific information sent to a player and not to the whole group, here are some examples:

1. When all players make a perception role, the successful players would get bits of information revealed to them based on the level of success which they then would role-play the information to the rest of the party.

2. The party goes to a village that one of the characters lived in when he was a boy, the DM can feed that player with information from his "memory", he presents to the group general information, but specific knowledge to the player character that again creates more dynamic role-playing,as the player character says that lady over there is one of the town elders, or that Tavern is known for its skulduggery ect ect .

3. During a long encounter one of the players is knocked unconscious, instead of him idly sitting there the DM has a intricate dream prepared for each player in Rw the dream is downloaded into that players "memory" information box,that leads the character on a fantastic inner realm journey, perhaps revealing clues in a later portion of the campaign. So instead of a board player when the player character is healed and conscience again he has an elaborate dream to share with his comrades.

4.Books and scrolls, historical accounts, all sorts of information, can be downloaded to that player so that he is occupied while the Dm is working with other players .

5. DM can let party split up and Handel all six players going in six different places as he can down load that experience to each players "memory" window.

6. player can secretly send messages back to Dm and information exchange can take place from a one-to-one basis.

this feature would put so much role playing and excitement back into the game

RayPrancer June 12th, 2013 12:18 PM

Another way in which this could also be used is private conversations between two characters - so if the mysterious bar patron starts speaking in Thieves' Cant then only those characters who can understand him get the full conversation and if the party has two Elf characters and no-one else speaks Elven then they could exchhange secret messages back and forth which omly they and the GM could see.

Maidhc O Casain June 12th, 2013 01:57 PM

IIRC, "player level" incremental reveal was discussed as a strong possibility for a later release, but at the time of the kickstarter at least it wasn't slated for the initial release of the software.

I agree, this would add a TON of useful functionality!

Knightblde June 23rd, 2013 06:58 AM

It seems like a lot of work as a GM to assign "rights" to EACH player rather than all players, as the reveal process would do. I can understand the usefulness but question the time and accuracy that would be required. Could the GM not just print the info or email it to the proper player?

AEIOU June 23rd, 2013 11:24 AM

I agree on how time consuming it could be. But for a long-running campaign, keeping track of who knows what could be daunting which would make the time spent up front invaluable.

I ran a campaign of assassins once. This level of reveal would have been great so I could keep track of who knew what and where the gaps in knowledge were. The intrigue and distrust and character inter-dependencies would have been much deeper with a tool like this where I could literally see it.

One of Gmail's recent updates on android added a colored circle with the sender's initial. Most mails have one letter, but if there are replies in a thread, it cuts the circle in half and quarters to give an indication of how many people are involved in the conversation. This would be a great way to indicate in a simple fashion individuals that know something. If something like this is implemented, I'd like the ability to see the inverse as well -- who in the campaign does NOT know.

Maidhc O Casain June 23rd, 2013 04:20 PM


Originally Posted by Knightblde (Post 159899)
It seems like a lot of work as a GM to assign "rights" to EACH player rather than all players, as the reveal process would do. I can understand the usefulness but question the time and accuracy that would be required. Could the GM not just print the info or email it to the proper player?

For me, the whole point of RealmWorks is to not have to do stuff like this - for all my campaign stuff to be in one place.

Yosef June 24th, 2013 04:44 AM

specific information reveal
I've been doing this for years already, I usually have something prepared prior to the gaming night for two or three player characters some bit of information for their ears only. I would record it on cassette tapes and at the appropriate time put in the cassette tape relevant to that player and that player would hear with headsets .
But like the above mentioned issues of keeping track I then would have to document what they knew . if there was a searchable memory file of what information I have given to each player, and that each player had a memory file that they could search, and the DM could send that information to their memory file.

For some examples:
1. I would provide each player with a map of their hometown and a list of notable NPC's, as they grew up in that area and were familiar with that town, with all sorts of little extras, like a childhood hideout place little local secrets that become helpful to the party. Then I would always make sure that town would be visited by the party somewhere in the campaign, so that player becomes the guide in that area.

2. I would make notes on what a significant successful perception roll would reveal and hand the player with the successful role the information. again I would have this prepared prior to the gaming session but to have it available in a file that I could just hit send to this player would make life so much easier.

3. players would often be unconscious and near death in my campaigns, so I always had a inner planes narrative with Erie Otherworld sound effects for each player, sometimes it was their life flashing before them adding new information that will be useful in some future encounter or event in the story plot. Sometimes more whimsical and bizarre, sometimes a continued conversation with a NPC from the other side. there was this one campaign where there was almost a separate inner planes campaign going on and one player had gotten so excited about what he was learning that he would get happy when he rolled poorly.
most likely I will still, use this process regardless of what realm works does or does not come up with but if I could send an audio file to that player instead of handing him a tape recorder and headsets that would be more efficient.

But the bottom line is the more information you can share individually to player characters the more those player will be motivated to role-play with the other players characters instead of meta-gaming.

Maidhc O Casain June 24th, 2013 10:50 AM

Exactly. Just read over my last post and realized my intent was unclear. It was the printing of info and/or e-mailing it to each player that I don't want to have to do any more. And from everything I've read/heard RealmWorks is the solution to that problem (which is exactly why I backed it at the level I did :D).

rob June 29th, 2013 02:50 AM

As @Mowgli indicated above, individual player reveal has been designed into the backend, but it's not yet been added to the interface. Doing it in a way that is smooth and efficient will take some work. The last thing we want is to make the product slow and clunky, since that won't benefit anybody. :)

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