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Llyr January 5th, 2018 02:07 PM

Alternity in Limbo
I love this game, have purchased used books off EBay and would like to use the Hero Lab version to help run characters, but it will not let me print.

I can't buy the unfinished module from Lone Wolf, and it is just a tease.

If you won't let us buy the ability to print, then just let us print.

Let's face it StarFinder sucks, and Lone Wolf has made it subscription only, which means I, and most of the rest of Lone Wolf Hero Lab users will never see it.

I do not recommend Hero Lab or Lone wolf to anyone due to the StarFinder and Alternity mess.

So when will Alternity be able to print, if not, say so and why instead of keeping us hanging now for more than 10 "TEN" years.

Dami January 5th, 2018 02:44 PM

@Llyr: Alternity is NOT a Lone Wolf product - there is no module or system to purchase. There's no point complaining about LW not doing anything - it's not their responsibility.
HLO/Starfinder isn't relevant to this forum.

That said - Alternity is a USER created system, which means to use it fully you must have purchased the Authoring Kit with which it was created. Without the Kit you can use it, but no save or print.

Sketchpad January 5th, 2018 06:57 PM

There is a new version of Alternity coming from Sasquatch Games, but there's no connection to Lone Wolf or Hero Lab.

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