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Weissrolf April 27th, 2019 03:04 AM

Warlock: Pact weapon missing choices

The Warlock's "Pact of the Blade" not only allows to summon a weapon out of thin air, but also allows to bind *any* magical weapon as pact weapon. While HL allows for the former it does not allow for the latter.

(Same thing happens when the improved pact weapon feat is used. Again HL only allows to chose those weapons than can be created, but not already present magical ones.)

Is this on purpose? As far as I know an official FAQ/errata made clear that you can make any magical weapon into your pact weapon, even if you cannot summon it but got it otherwise.

dungeonguru April 27th, 2019 05:34 PM

Trying to understand the question.

For Pact of the Blade, you have to have selected a weapon that you have in inventory. I tried it just now, and am able to select a Luck Blade I had in inventory on a fresh Pact of the Blade warlock.

If it's truly a problem you're seeing with Pact of the Blade, that I'm failing to understand, then you'll need to open a support ticket with the devs - as far as I know they haven't put the errata in for the PHB, maybe that's what you are referring to.

If the problem is with the bonuses added via Improved Pact Weapon, you'll need to open a ticket over on the community github, since this Eldritch Invocation was created by the community.

Weissrolf April 27th, 2019 05:39 PM

The problem is that you can only add weapons that Pact of the Blade can also create out of thin air, but not other magic weapons. For example, it should be possible to use a +1 Hand Crossbow as pact weapon, because it is a magical weapon even when you cannot create it yourself. But HL does not allow to chose it as pact weapon even when it is present in your inventory.

This was clarified in the errata, but you could always use any magic weapon by RAW, the FAQ only clarified that RAW really is RAI in this case.

(The community "Improved" version adds longbows and crossbows to the choice, but the basic problem remains.)

Dami April 27th, 2019 08:55 PM

I just made a warlock, and gave him a +1 mace. I can select it with Pact of the Blade. I made a +1 light crossbow, but I can't choose that. Maybe it can't see ranged weapons?
EDIT: Yes dungeonguru. I just re-read the text for PotB. Most of it just says "weapon" but at one point it does specify "melee weapon", so everything is working as intended.

dungeonguru April 28th, 2019 08:29 AM

Unless the errata changed it:

"You can choose the form that this melee weapon"

So, no, you couldn't choose a hand crossbow. Ever.

If you wanted to allow ranged weapons for pact of the blade, you would need to write your own copy.

dungeonguru April 28th, 2019 08:35 AM

I think the problem is with the Improved Pact Weapon logic.

The script had to remove the melee weapon restriction and add back the 4 ranged weapons. The community will need to be notified and look at updating the script.

Weissrolf April 29th, 2019 04:25 PM

The melee weapon restriction only applies to the weapon you can call forth out of thin air. You can choose *any* already existing magic weapon to use as pact weapon on top of that. So you can find/buy a magic hand-crossbow and make that your pact weapon. It then also allows you to call that weapon forth, but you cannot change its form, like you can do with the out-of-thin-air created version.

Here is what the "rules answer" says to this:


...You can also use Pact of the Blade to bond with a magic weapon, turning it into your pact weapon. This magic weapon doesn’t have to be a melee weapon, so you could use the feature on a +1 longbow, for instance. Once the bond is formed, the magic weapon appears whenever you call your pact weapon to you, and the intent is that you can’t change the magic weapon’s form when it appears.
The feature initially allows the conjuring forth of a melee weapon, yet we allow more versatility when it comes to magic weapons. We didn’t want a narrow focus in this feature to make a warlock unhappy when a variety of magic weapons appear in a campaign. Does this versatility extend outside the melee theme of the feature? It sure does, but we’re willing to occasionally bend a design concept if doing so is likely to increase a player’s happiness.

Weissrolf April 29th, 2019 04:28 PM

Also look here:


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