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Colen May 31st, 2005 03:30 PM

Please read the forum rules!
Below are a number of forum rules, organized by topic. Please read through these rules before posting on our forums. Failure to adhere to these rules could result in an infraction of some kind. Please note that moderators reserve the right to change/edit/delete/move/merge any content at any time if they feel it is inappropriate, abusive, or incorrectly categorized, regardless of whether it’s specifically outlined below.

Basic Rules
  • Be respectful and civil – Every member deserves to be treated with respect. Positive and polite posts create a friendly and welcoming environment that all members will feel comfortable in. If you have something negative to say, focus on the facts of the situation and keep the emotions under control, especially when expressing disagreement with others.
  • Be constructive – Simply stating that you dislike something contributes nothing useful to the conversation. Explain what it is that is poorly done and how you would like to see it improved.
  • Think before posting – Reasonable, well thought-out and legible posts help other Community members understand what is being asked or explained. When expressing negative views, take a deep breath and review what’s being said before posting to ensure the post is both constructive and respective of others (see above).
  • Post in Relevant Forums – Posting in relevant forums ensures threads are seen by the Community members that are most interested in the subject. Threads in the wrong section will be moved by moderators. For additional information about posting in relevant forums, please see below.
  • Stay on Topic – Threads should remain on the topic that they are discussing, and a new thread should be made for a new discussion.
  • Report Content – Reported content is sent to staff members for review. Should you observe a fellow Community member breaking the rules, or a post that needs to be modified or removed, the report system is the correct way to alert the staff.
Off-Limit Topics/Replies/Signatures/Etc:
  • Flame or insult– Be respectful of other Community members. In that same vein, do not post with the intention of provoking a reaction from other Community members.
  • Use Profanity or Post Inappropriate Content – Don’t use obscenities, and don’t link to any sites with inappropriate content. Our products require our users to be 13 years of age or older, so a typical 13 year old kid should be able to come here, participate, and feel comfortable.
  • Spam – A spam post consists of content that is bothersome to others, or provides no value to the discussion. This includes empty posts, and duplicate threads/posts.
  • Advertise – Do not use our forums to generate traffic or attention to your project, personal website, Kickstarter, or company without express permission from one of our staff members (PM Liz). We're more likely to say yes if you're an established poster here than if your project is the subject of your first post. Links to personal websites and projects are permitted on profiles and in signatures, as long as it follows the rest of the forum rules.
Report Posts to Moderators
If a fellow Community member is not following the rules above, please report the post by clicking the Report button (the red yield sign on the left) located on every post. This will notify the moderators directly.

Breaking the Rules
Responses may range from a gentle reminder of the rules to banning from the forums. Moderators have the ability to warn users, put users on probation, and ban a user for violating the rules at their discretion. All users put on probation or banned will have a chance to appeal the decision. However, the decision made after an appeal is final. A ban from the forums doesn’t entitle a user of our software to a refund, as the forums are open to both current users and prospective users.

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