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d20Maverick January 4th, 2020 10:16 PM

Power Armor Upgrades
Does HeroLab Online support upgrading powered armor according to the rules on page 74 of Starfinder Armory (for example, upgrading a Battle Harness to level 9)? If so, how do I do so?

magpi January 5th, 2020 08:15 AM

I don't believe so... If there is a method I haven't found it. Would be great though!

d20Maverick January 12th, 2020 11:24 AM

I agree!

HLO won't calculate the changes for you, but you can use the Custom Price and the Permanent Adjustments>Armor Statistics Adjustments to reflect the upgraded stats of the power armor if you calculate those yourself. Not a solution, but at least you can have the upgraded stats on your character sheet.

FluffyDingo March 20th, 2020 09:32 AM

Currently this isn't a supported feature, so the aforementioned adjustments are the best workaround at the moment. Alternatively, adding a suit of Custom Powered Armor allows you to set and adjust all the stats as well. That said, I've added this to our list of potential improvements to look into, as it may be a thing the could be implemented in the future.

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