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RyoDPN May 8th, 2017 03:38 PM

Suggestion: Set an actual password on lonewolfdevel
So, I've never been a fan of this thing where my email address is also my password. If anyone happens to see my license number, they could log into lonewolfdevel.com and essentially steal my copy of hero lab just by changing the email address to one I don't know. It's not too big a deal as long as I never let anyone touch my copy of hero lab, but I'm the GM, and my players always want to build on my computer whenever they get an opportunity.

At the very least it'd be nice if the website differentiated between the primary license and the secondary ones, since I could just restrict players to using my laptop running my secondary license, but the website lets me log in with that too and change anything I want. Full access.

It's actually amazing how little security there is. Put in a license number (any of them) and your email address, and you get full access to the account. Put those same two things in again, and you can change the email address to anything you want. This doesn't even require email verification from the old address that you actually wanted to change it, nor does it send you an email saying it's been changed. It just instantly changes.

TL;DR: Please add the option to set an actual password on the website, as well as other common sense security measures like email notifications of personal information being reset. It would provide a lot more peace of mind when I'm paying $100s on your products.

Colen May 9th, 2017 09:43 AM

Thanks for your feedback! This is something that we're definitely keeping in mind as we move forward with Hero Lab.

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