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Tesh November 12th, 2017 11:10 PM

Xanathar's Guide to Everything
Any ETA as to when this might be added?

daplunk November 12th, 2017 11:21 PM

I've already put the spells in. Just doing the needful on the content.

No idea on Classes. If people want these sooner rather than later then we could certainly use some more active members on the team.

dungeonguru November 13th, 2017 04:37 AM

How close are the official versions of those to the UA revised subclass articles they put out in June?

daplunk November 13th, 2017 04:52 AM

I've not seen a summary presented anywhere yet. I'm sure someone out there is trying to figure out the same thing.

Madcap13 November 13th, 2017 05:51 PM


Originally Posted by daplunk (Post 258542)
I've already put the spells in. Just doing the needful on the content.

No idea on Classes. If people want these sooner rather than later then we could certainly use some more active members on the team.

I'd love to get into this, but i still don't know the Editor, and i'm getting Realmworks tomorrow (i think), so i'll be learning that in the immediate future.

Madcap13 November 13th, 2017 05:53 PM


Originally Posted by dungeonguru (Post 258547)
How close are the official versions of those to the UA revised subclass articles they put out in June?

It varies. Cavalier is totally different, while Rogue Inquisitive isn't a whole lot different.

I just got the book, but I've been comparing. I'll update as soon as i can look through it all.

daplunk November 13th, 2017 10:55 PM

Found on FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/DnD5...5486426295532/

Ancestral Guardian:
Ancestral Protectors: Minor wording difference.
Spirit Shield: The dice rolled in the UA are a d8, while the dice in the XGE is a d6.
Consult the Spirits: The UA only gives you the option of casting clairvoyance, while XGE you can cast EITHER augury or clairvoyance per rest.
Vengeful Spirits: No difference.
Path of the Storm Herald:
Storm Aura: They add the DC of your abilities, then clarified the fact that unlike the Totem path you must stay with your choice of Storm throughout all your abilities, and that your aura does not reach around total cover.
Desert: UA’s base damage was 2+ your barbarian level divided by 4, XGE has the base damage at 2 and slowly increases by level progression.
Sea: Other than relocating the DC the rest is the same.
Tundra: In the UA this aura was the same as the desert option but with ice damage. In XGE every creature of your choice gains 2 temporary hit points which increases through level progression.

Storm Soul:
Desert: XGE includes the ability to light flammable objects not worn on fire
Sea: XGE grants you swim speed of 30 ft.
Tundra: XGE aloes you to freeze a 5ft area of water,as long as no creature is inside it.
Shield of the Storm: A wording difference that makes it so in XGE allies in the aura gain only the resistances and no added bonuses.

Raging Storm:
Desert: In the UA if an enemy tried to move within 5ft of you they had to make a Strength Save or have their speed reduced to 0. In XGE if they hit you with an attack you can use your reaction to force them to make a Dexterity Save or take half your barbarian level in fire damage.
Sea: Visual wording difference. Nothing else.
Tundra: In UA the area in your aura was made difficult terrain. In XGE whenever your Storm Soul ability activated you can make a creature of your choice in your aura to make a Strength Save or have it’s speed reduced to 0 until the start of your next turn.
Path of the Zealot: Divine Fury: In the UA it was an aura that did 1d6+ half your barbarian level while in XGE the first creature you hit on each of your turns takes the same damage.
Warrior of the Gods: No difference.
Zealous Focus: In the UA if you failed a saving throw you could use a reaction to immediately succeed but at the cost of your rage ending and not being able to rage until your next rest, but in XGE once per rage you can choose to react to re-roll the Save.
Zealous Presence: The only difference is that they put a cap of 10 on the amount of allies that could gain the benefits of this ability in XGE.
Rage Beyond Death: In XGE they made it so if you somehow healed during your time you should have died, you won’t.

College of Glamor:
Mantle of Inspiration: The temporary hit points gained from this go from 2d8 in UA to base 5 in XGE. Also in XGE there is no longer the restriction of the granted movement being towards you.
Enthralling Performance: The performance in XGE only has to be 1 minute instead of 10.
Mantle of Majesty: In XGE when you activate this ability you cast command along with it.
Unbreakable Majesty: In the UA you cast sanctuary on yourself and then if they fail the spells check you gain the added benefits. In XGE when you activate the ability anyone who tries to attack you for the first time that turn must make a Charisma Save. On a success the hit you but have disadvantage to saves against your spells. On a failure they can’t attack you and have to choose a new target or waist their attack.
College of Swords: The proficiencies and fighting styles are the same.
Blade Flourish: First is that in XGE you use the attack action to activate the flourish instead of only making 1 attack. Second, defensive flourish adds the bardic inspiration die to your damage total.
Level 6 ability: They changed it to where it’s just a normal extra attack in XGE instead of needing to use a flourish.
Master’s Flourish: no difference

College of Whispers:
Psychic/poison Blade: The damage went from poison to psychic in the XGE.
Words of Terror: In order to activate this in the XGE you only need to spend one minute with the person instead of 10. Also they now need a target to be scared of, specifically a person, and no longer go to a hiding spot.
Mantle of Whispers: Now In XGE the only requirement to steal a shadow is that they die within 30 ft of you.
Shadow Lore: The XGE difference is that they added the tag that the effect ends early if you force them to make a saving throw. This goes along with the preexisting effects that would end it early.

Forge Domain:
Domain Spells: They changed Shield to identify.
Proficiencies: They added Smiths tools.
Blessing of the Forge: No difference.
Channel Divinity:Artisans Blessing: It’s still an hour long ritual but you aren’t required to take a rest in XGE.
Soul of the Forge: You keep the fire resistance but you no longer get the armor bonus with medium armor, and you don’t deal extra damage to constructs anymore.
Divine Strike: No difference
Saint of Forge and Fire: No difference

Grave Domain:
Domain Spells: No difference
No Bonus Proficiencies In XGE
Circle of Mortality (totally not ripping off Lion King): They gave Spare the Dying a range of 30 ft.
Eyes of the Grave: In XGE they reduced the time it takes to cast this to an action but the range was reduced to 60 ft and they can’t be behind total cover or protected by anti divination magic. You also don’t learn what kind of undead it is. Wisdom modifier for amount of uses per rest.
Channel Divinity: Path to the Grave: The range was increased to 30ft and even if a creature has an in unity to the damage being dealt, it still is considered vulnerable due to the effect.
Sentinel at Death’s Door: They increased the usage from every rest to Wisdom Modifier.
Level 8 ability: They changed it from divine Strike to Potent Spell Casting.
Keeper of Souls: They increased the range to 60 ft. Also strangely changed to wording from every round to until the start of your next turn.

Circle of Dreams:
Balm of the Summer Court: They removed the extra speed you get.
Hearth of Moonlight and Shadow: In XGE the area also grants +5 to stealth checks and the area is blocked by total cover.
Hidden Paths: Here In XGE the main changes were that you can teleport 60 ft with no penalties to movement but allies can still only be teleported 30 ft. Also you gain Wisdom Modifier amount of uses.
14th level ability: They are literally 2 different things. Like completely different.

Circle of the Shepard:
Speech of the Woods: No difference.
Spirit Totem: The hawk In XGE grants Advantage on perception checks to allies in the circle.
Mighty Summoner: No difference
Guardian Spirit: No difference
Faithful Summons: No difference
Learning beast shapes: They made a nice list for more areas than just jungle or forest, some are better than others.

Arcane Archer:
Arcane Archer Lore: In XGE you get a choice of a new cantrip.
Arcane Shot: No difference although it’s clear to me now that you do not need to use the skill Magic Arrow in order to use an Arcane Shot option as Magic Arrow is now a level 7 ability.
Magic Arrow: In XGE there is no bonus to the Arrow. It’s just magic.
Curving Shot: No difference
Ever-ready Shot: No difference
Arcane Shot Options:
Banishing Arrow: No difference
Beguiling Arrow (was mind scrambling Arrow): No difference except the inclusion that the effect ends early if they are forced to make a save.
Bursting Arrow: No difference
Enfeebling Arrow(was Brute bane arrow): No difference
Grasping Arrow: No difference
Piercing Arrow: No difference
Seeking Arrow: No difference
Shadow Arrow: No difference

Bonus Proficiencies: No difference
Born to the Saddle: No difference
Level 3, 7, 10, 15, 18: They removed the combat superiority based ability and replaced it with a new one.

Bonus proficiencies: You get Proficiencies taken from the Elegant Courtier.
Fighting Spirit: In XGE you loose the resistance but gain scaling temporary hp.
Elegant Courtier: The restriction of the persuasion bonus in now removed from being only towards nobles. Also instead of the Proficiencies that we’re there in UA you get Proficiencies for saving throws.
Rapid Strike: The main difference is that in XGE it does not require a bonus action to use but cannot be done more than once per turn meaning it does not combo with Action Surge.
Strength before Death: In XGE it costs a reaction to activate. Not clear on if the temporary hp gained from fighting spirit would allow you to not die.

Drunken Master:
Bonus Proficiency: see below but also added brewers supplies (time for your monk to be the best brewer in the land boys and girls)
Drunken Technique: They separated the proficiency you get and the skill but both are unchanged.
Tipsy Sway: In XGE they added the bonus that standing takes 5 ft and separated the 2 abilities.
Drunkard’s Luck: They changed it from 1 ki point and only can be activated on a saving throw to gain advantage in the UA to spent 2 ki Points on any negate disadvantage.
Intoxicated Frenzy: No difference

Way of the Kensei:
Way of the Kensei: They separated the abilities into name groups and gave bonus tool Proficiencies.
One with the Blade: No difference
Sharpen the Blade:They added the restriction to is saying you cant do it to a weapon that has a bonus. Sorry no adding +3 to your already +3 weapons. But it doesn’t say magical so have flame tongue users!
Unerring Accuracy: No difference
Way of the Sun Soul: For this one I’m using the SCAG. Also, am I the only one who thinks it strange that they redid sun soul in ANOTHER official book? Idk just.......weird.
Radiant Sun Bolt: In XGE it allowed you to use this attack with the Extra Attack feature.
Searing Arc Strike: No difference
Searing Sunburst: No difference
Sun Shield: No difference

Oath of Conquest:
Oath Spells: No difference
Channel Divinity: No difference
Aura of Conquest: No difference
Scornful Rebuke: No difference
Invincible Conquer: No difference

Oath of Redemption:
Oath Spells: sleep changed for sanctuary, Ray of enfeeblement changed for calm emotions
Level 3 abilities: removed them all. Now it’s only channel Divinity
Channel Divinity: They increases the range of Rebuke the violent to 30 ft.
Aura of the Guardian: They added the restrictions that you cannot reduce the damage taken in any way but they added the usual Paladin aura range increase at level 18.
Protective Spirit: No difference.
Emissary of Redemption: No difference

Gloom Stalker(formerly Deep Stalker):
Level 3 Abilities: Gloom Stalker Magic: replaced glyph of warding with fear
Add Wisdom modifier to initiative
Extra Attack: As we now know that the revised ranger won’t ever happen the extra attack is now only part of the PMG class so it is NOT featured in the XGE version. However I’m sure if you DM is like me and loves revised ranger, they would probably allow it at level 5 still.
Iron Mind: No difference
Stalkers Flurry: No difference
Shadow Dodge: No difference

Horizon Walker:
Horizon Walker Magic: alter self changed for misty step, protection from energy replaced with haste
Detect Portal: range increased from 1000 ft to 1 mile but no reusing the ability with spell slots.
Planar Warrior: Instead of ignoring resistance, the next attack you make against a creature is converted to force damage with an extra 1d8 of force, a step up from the UA’s 1d6. This added damage also scales to 2d8 at level 11.
Ethereal Step: No difference
Distant Strike: No difference
Spectral Defense: No difference

Monster Slayer:
Monster Slayer Spells: Planar binding switched for hold monster.
Hunter’s Sense/ Slayer’s Prey: They split the UA ability so that you can have 2 different targets for the abilities. Hunter’s sense no longer tells you things like trolls regeneration weakness. Slayers prey can be used as many times as you’d like, like a poor mans hunters mark.
Supernatural Defense: added the ability to add 1d6 to getting out of grapples. Probably targeted toward vampires.
Relentless Slayer: They lessened the restrictions and made it to where you can use it on any spell cast.
Slayers Counter: The target of your slayers prey. Everything else is the same.

Ear for Deceit: Instead of using your roll or taking 8+Wisdom modifier you take 8.
Eye for Detail: They removed the benefit of using you Insightful Fighting.
Insightful Fighting: They made it so you can only activate this with a bonus action.
Steady Eye: They made it so you can move half your speed and still gain the benefit of steady eye.
Unerring Eye: They made it so you can only use it equal to your Wisdom Modifier.
Eye for Weakness: They increased the damage from 2d6 to 3d6.
Mastermind: No difference
Swashbuckler: No Difference

Skirmisher: No difference
Survivalist: No difference
Superior Mobility: No difference
Ambush Master: They got rid of the initiative and speed bonuses to allies but you keep Advantage on initiative. You do however grant Advantage to allies against one creature for one round.
Sudden Strike: No difference

Favored Soul: You now have a list of thematic spells depending on the alignment of your deity.
Favored by the Gods: No difference
Empowered Healing: Added that allies within 5 ft can benefit from this and this can only be used once per turn. Also you have to be awake.
Otherworldly Wings: They got rid of the part that makes you prettier but they added cool wing options. Also Xanathar made a good point on how we railroad wing types. And then he drew an angelic bat. He’s progressive. Be like Xanathar.
Unearthly Recovery: No Difference

Shadow Sorcerer:
Eyes of the Dark: They removed the bonus of always being able to see through the darkness you create with the feature, but they doubled the darkvision and gave more flexibility with Casting it.
Strength of the Grave: They added you can only activate it once per rest.
Hound of Ill Omen: They gave the doggo temporary hp.
Shadow Walk: No difference
Shadow Form: They increased the cost of it from 3 to 6.
Storm Sorcerer: No diffrerece from the SCAG version.

The Celestial:
Expanded Spell List: Changed Burning Hands to guiding Bolt.
Bonus Cantrips: No difference
Healing Light: No difference
Radiant Soul: No difference that only clarified a rule.
Celestial Resilience: No difference
Searing Vengeance: No difference

The Hexblade:
Extended Spell List: Blur was replaced with magic weapon, replaced destructive wave with banishing smite
Hex blade Curse: No different
Hex Warrior: You can only choose a weapon at a time to have this affect it but it extends to your pack of the Blade.
Accursed Spector: They got rid of the hound and now you have a Spector that used your charisma to attack.
Armor of Hexes: No difference
Master of Hexes: Some new limitations on the Hex. You can transfer it only when a creature you Hexed dies and you do not gain temporary HP from that death.
Invocations: I’m doing classes. These things are dope no matter how you look at it.

War Wizard:
Arcane Deflection: No difference
Tactical Wit: No difference
Power Surge: They scrapped the UA ability to give you the ability to benefit from cancelling magic to do more damage to enemies.
Durable Magic: No difference
Deflecting Shroud: Limited targeting to 3

daplunk November 19th, 2017 02:42 PM

Looking for a volunteer to edit the spell description text. I've just got a new job so my time is limited currently. Responsibilities would include auditing the descriptive text of every spell. Changing it by 10% and removing everything except the mechanics.

Conandy November 19th, 2017 10:54 PM


Originally Posted by daplunk (Post 258980)
Looking for a volunteer to edit the spell description text. I've just got a new job so my time is limited currently. Responsibilities would include auditing the descriptive text of every spell. Changing it by 10% and removing everything except the mechanics.

Hey, Josh. After Nov 26 (when I get home from a week at the in-laws for Thanksgiving) I can probably volunteer some time on this if no one else steps up before then. I am not technically really great with the internal mechanics and programming of HL, but I can do QC and editing of text as well as anyone.

I'll check back in then to see if this is still a task needing to be done.

CREAM November 20th, 2017 04:58 PM

I didn't notice Toll of Dead in my spell list, is this part of the reason, the work you're doing would include that. I'm honestly new to a lot of this so I'm just looking around trying to figure things out right now and confused.

I'll throw cash at someone who can get all the new stuff uploaded if it's an added incentive

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