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Fuzzy July 21st, 2012 12:29 AM

Restricting to a particular group of factions
So in my house campaign, we have a few house rules dealing with initial character creation. First, we have a Social Standing rule, where depending on which of the six social classes you were raised in, you will gain a +1 on a particular ability score.

Standing          Ability Bonus
--------        -----------------
 Serf                +1 Strength
 Outlaw                +1 Dexterity
 Noble                +1 Constitution
 Middle Class        +1 Intelligence
 Freeholder        +1 Wisdom
 Royal                +1 Charisma

We also have a bonus feat that you get based on where you grew up. This is a choice of one of three available feats for that region.

Region                        Feat Choices
------                        -----------------
Barrier Mountains        Endurance, Great Fortitude, Iron Will
Black Empire                Athletic, Endurance, Great Fortitude
Cold Forest                Improved Initiative, Point-Blank Shot, Stealthy

I feel the best place to implement these items would be in the Factions category. The initial problem I came up against was how to limit to just one selection of each type of faction (one Social Standing faction, and one Region faction). Here is how I implemented it:

First, I had to tag each faction with what type it was. This was done with a simple user tag (Custom.SocStand, and Custom.Region).

Second, I had to make sure it wouldn't allow two of the same type to be selected. I implemented this with the following Pre-reqs script:

var soccount as number
soccount = 0
foreach pick in hero where "Custom.SocStand"
    soccount += 1
if (@ispick <> 0) then
    validif (soccount <= 1)
    validif (soccount <= 0)

the Pre-req script is run in two different conditions. It can be run on a pick (an already selected faction) to validate exiting picks, or it can be run on a thing, to build the list of valid choices when adding a faction. I want it to return a pick as valid if there is only one pick on the hero of that classification (having the Custom.SocStand tag). I also only want it to list a faction as an option to add if there are 0 factions of that classification currently picked.

I then run a similar Pre-req script for the Region factions.

var regcount as number
regcount = 0
foreach pick in hero where "Custom.Region"
    regcount += 1
if (@ispick <> 0) then
    validif (regcount <= 1)
    validif (regcount <= 0)

There may be a better way to do this, but this was the way I did it. I really like these types of settings as factions, because it means they stay on the Backgound tab, where they belong.

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