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Ionik Knight December 23rd, 2018 09:24 AM

Help with Skillful weapon property

Would anyone be willing to help me with the scripting for the Skillful weapon enhancement?

(Complete Arcane, p. 144)

Price: +2 bonus
Property: Melee weapon
Caster Level: 11th
Aura: Moderate; Transmutation

Highly prized by many arcane spellcasters, a skillful weapon can be wielded without penalty by a character not normally proficient with it. In addition, the wielder's base attack bonus improves to a minimum of 3/4 his level (as a cleric of the same character level) when he attacks with a skillful weapon, though he gains no such bonus with any other weapon, even if a skillful weapon is wielded at the same time.

The skillful special ability can be added only to melee weapons.

Sendric December 29th, 2018 07:29 PM

I think the first part should be relatively easy, but the second part might take a little work. This is probably something that should be added to the community set so I'll take a look at adding that as soon as I get the chance. We're probably about due for a new release anyway.

Sendric January 7th, 2019 06:29 AM

I have added this and Clouting to the next release. The script I created is as follows:

Final Phase: 9999

~ Apply proficiency tag to parent

perform container.parent.assign[Helper.Proficient]

~ Check BAB and increase if necessary

var BAB as number
BAB = round(herofield[tHitDice].value*.75,0,-1)
BAB = maximum(0,BAB-hero.child[Attack].field[tAtkBase].value)
container.parent.field[wAttBonus].value = BAB

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