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Freewolf January 6th, 2018 10:47 PM

Modifying the Spell Point System
I use spell points in my 5E system. However I have modified it from what is in the DMG. Is there a way to modify this system.

I have made it so the spell point cost equals the level of the spell and have been running that for some time successfully. So I am interested in changing the Spell Point option that is available from the community pack to reflect that.


dungeonguru January 7th, 2018 04:53 AM

This is a mechanic, so you should be able to make a copy of the existing mechanic and give it a new source and then edit away. However, none of the fields show up as editable in the editor, you have to crack open the .user file in a text editor like notepad++.

I tried as a test, but I never could get it to work even though it looked simple enough.

Freewolf January 7th, 2018 10:00 AM

In what file would I find this mechanic?

dungeonguru January 7th, 2018 03:18 PM

The only spell point mechanic I know about is baked into the LW stuff.

A trick you can do to see some LW code is to open a new user file. Go to the mechanics tab and copy the existing one and save it under a new name. You can open the new file and see the code that LW is letting us see in that new .user file.

Here's what I had in my file, I've tried manipulating the lower fields but nothing seems to work... You would think changing the spell points values of mechSplPts would work, but even after restarting the program, no changes at all.


  <thing id="A2ZMySpell" name="My Spell Points" compset="Mechanics">
    <arrayval field="mechSplMax" index="1" value="1"/>
    <arrayval field="mechSplMax" index="2" value="1"/>
    <arrayval field="mechSplMax" index="3" value="2"/>
    <arrayval field="mechSplMax" index="4" value="2"/>
    <arrayval field="mechSplMax" index="5" value="3"/>
    <arrayval field="mechSplMax" index="6" value="3"/>
    <arrayval field="mechSplMax" index="7" value="4"/>
    <arrayval field="mechSplMax" index="8" value="4"/>
    <arrayval field="mechSplMax" index="9" value="5"/>
    <arrayval field="mechSplMax" index="10" value="5"/>
    <arrayval field="mechSplMax" index="11" value="6"/>
    <arrayval field="mechSplMax" index="12" value="6"/>
    <arrayval field="mechSplMax" index="13" value="7"/>
    <arrayval field="mechSplMax" index="14" value="7"/>
    <arrayval field="mechSplMax" index="15" value="8"/>
    <arrayval field="mechSplMax" index="16" value="8"/>
    <arrayval field="mechSplMax" index="17" value="9"/>
    <arrayval field="mechSplMax" index="18" value="9"/>
    <arrayval field="mechSplMax" index="19" value="9"/>
    <arrayval field="mechSplMax" index="20" value="9"/>
    <arrayval field="mechSplPts" index="1" value="4"/>
    <arrayval field="mechSplPts" index="2" value="6"/>
    <arrayval field="mechSplPts" index="3" value="14"/>
    <arrayval field="mechSplPts" index="4" value="17"/>
    <arrayval field="mechSplPts" index="5" value="27"/>
    <arrayval field="mechSplPts" index="6" value="32"/>
    <arrayval field="mechSplPts" index="7" value="38"/>
    <arrayval field="mechSplPts" index="8" value="44"/>
    <arrayval field="mechSplPts" index="9" value="57"/>
    <arrayval field="mechSplPts" index="10" value="64"/>
    <arrayval field="mechSplPts" index="11" value="73"/>
    <arrayval field="mechSplPts" index="12" value="73"/>
    <arrayval field="mechSplPts" index="13" value="83"/>
    <arrayval field="mechSplPts" index="14" value="83"/>
    <arrayval field="mechSplPts" index="15" value="94"/>
    <arrayval field="mechSplPts" index="16" value="94"/>
    <arrayval field="mechSplPts" index="17" value="107"/>
    <arrayval field="mechSplPts" index="18" value="114"/>
    <arrayval field="mechSplPts" index="19" value="123"/>
    <arrayval field="mechSplPts" index="20" value="133"/>
    <usesource source="A2ZUAC"/>

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