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SeeleyOne July 24th, 2016 12:29 PM

Whatever, I recognized it right off. But that was after reading the comments here. :) You can keep the id the same, but renaming how it appears as Zaphod recommends might be a good idea.

EricaOdd July 24th, 2016 03:49 PM

Two questions:

1. I see that there's a modifier for Super Sorcery, to give yourself a power as a spell. In a future update, could something like that be done for the Invent power, too?

2. How do you add Super Power Points to minions? I can make a minion easily enough using the NPC option of the Configure Hero menu, but how do you give them Power Points purchased via the Minions power? When you add the AB Super Powers, it defaults to giving them 10 pp if I don't have a power level checked.

CapedCrusader July 25th, 2016 05:03 PM

1) Hmmm... I don't see why not.

2) Give them the AB, and then adjust the number of Power Points available with a Permanent Adjustment. How are you creating the Minions? If you use the Allies tab, it should inherit all those settings from the Hero. If you are only getting the 10, make sure it's not the basic Super Powers you are seeing as opposed to the Super Powers Companion Super Powers.

EricaOdd July 25th, 2016 06:31 PM

When I use the Allies tab, I don't see a Super Powers tab for them even if I give them power points using an adjustment on the Personal tab. If they are inheriting the power points from the Minion power on the main hero, then there's no option to spend them as the Super Powers tab isn't showing up.

When I give them the Super Powers edge, they get 45 points (I have the 4-color option chosen). I can only apply -9 Power Points via the adjustment on the Personal tab, so I can't get them down to their low PP level.

Edit: I can get them down in PP by adding multiple instances of a -9 PP adjustment.

CapedCrusader July 26th, 2016 12:40 PM

Ah, OK. I had removed the filter that limited it to +9. I also need to fix the one for -9 as well. Thanks!

rickjonzz December 28th, 2016 07:41 AM

So, I've been trying to wrap my head around using HL for supers by trying to build the NPCs as PCs, but I run into chicken and egg problems, where I'm not sure what a character bought with Advancements vs what they had as a starting character. Is there a good guide for how to take characters from sourcebooks and properly build them?


zarlor December 28th, 2016 08:48 AM

Not really, and it may not really be possible in some sense anyway because, technically, NPC do not have to meet the same rule requirements as PCs (as is mentioned with some regularity on the Pinnacle forums.) Now Archetypes SHOULD follow the rules, but they don't necessarily always do so. Mostly, though, Advances shouldn't throw you too many loops and I wouldn't call that a Supers issue anyway (since Advances are going to happen after all Super Power Points get spent, except in the rarer instance when using something like the "Rising Stars" setting rule, which personally I don't recommend using anyway having played several campaigns with and without that setting rule.) While it is true that some Advances can affect some super powers (most notably Super Attribute and Super Skill) overall the Advances shouldn't throw you too big of a loop trying to figure out.

Probably the best place to ask about that would be the Pinnacle forums, though, or on the forums for the sourcebook you are getting your NPCs from, with which NPCs in particular you are running into issues with. Lots of helpful and experienced folks who may be able to help walk you through a few of the examples, or you could try starting a new thread here (I wouldn't use this one since, IMHO, it's really more for specific questions or issues with the new SPC2 data file update rather than more generic questions like that.)

Paragon December 30th, 2016 01:57 PM

Yeah, that's more of an issue of running into a few of the order-of-operations things you can occasionally hit with SW than an issue with the software, per se.

CapedCrusader January 6th, 2017 11:16 AM

Which NPC's are you trying to create? I've run into that a lot, where they don't necessarily use the PC character creation rules to create NPC's.

dragonwithlotus January 13th, 2017 05:57 PM

Superpowers Companion struggle

Is there some box on the creator that I should be checking to access the SPC-2? I have been clicking the SPC-2 box (although it used to work) it is not currently populating a super powers tab. Does anyone have any thoughts on what I am doing wrong?


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