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Colen July 18th, 2016 06:34 AM

The Super Powers Companion (2nd edition) is Now Available!
Hi everyone,

Version 5.0 of the Savage Worlds data files, including the Super Powers Companion 2nd edition, is out now! Thanks to CapedCrusader's hard work, anyone with the SPC package is now able to create characters with SPC 2nd edition, as well as SPC 1st edition.

Zaphod Beebledoc July 18th, 2016 12:16 PM

This is really good news! Many thanks to CapedCrusader!

I have made lots of SPC2 characters using Zarlor's temporary unofficial file, and haven't yet had chance to send them to PDF or text. I need to reinstall my laptop soon so I can't do it now.

I have a copy of Zarlor's file that I downloaded last week. Would Zarlor's file work on top of the Version 5.0 file?

This might seem like sour grapes, but really isn't though.

CapedCrusader July 18th, 2016 01:21 PM

I'll defer to zarlor on the compatibility question.

zarlor July 18th, 2016 02:54 PM

No, it shouldn't be compatible for the most part. I mean some things MIGHT work, but overall it's not hard to print or pdf a sheet and just rebuild with the new, much better, setup CC made for us. I didn't get much chance to play with this yet like I've wanted to, but I'm pretty sure from what I've seen so far it will definitely be worth it to switch over. That also reminds me I need to take down my data file since I said I would when the official one was released!

SeeleyOne July 18th, 2016 05:26 PM


Zaphod Beebledoc July 20th, 2016 03:03 PM


Originally Posted by zarlor (Post 232324)
...it's not hard to print or pdf a sheet and just rebuild with the new, much better, setup CC made for us...

Oh indeed not! I was vastly over-inflating in my head how many characters I had to do this for, also was aware of the impending Win 10 free upgrade cut-off on the 29th and have several things to do that are not RP related.

However, I've bitten the bullet, and after doing some research into it, upgraded to Win 10 *without* reinstalling my lappie as I wanted. I can do that soon though. Happy to say that HL is working okay, though I've just had to jump through hoops to work out how to manually reactivate my licence as if I'd used the automated feature, I would have needed to get V5 first, which is the very thing I am putting off...

Looking forward to getting some SPC2 usage v soon! :) (As soon as I've PDFed the characters...)

EricaOdd July 23rd, 2016 08:41 AM

I'm building some characters and I can't figure out how Super Karma is supposed to work.

I'm making a Four Color hero, with Super Karma turned on. However, her Power Point total is still showing 45, not 55. A Four Color hero should get +10 PP with Super Karma turned on.

How do you get the correct number of power points to display?

EDIT: I figured this out. You have to use the Permanent Modifiers option on the Personal tab.

EricaOdd July 23rd, 2016 09:03 AM

Also, how do you make multiple Resistances a single device? Right now it looks like each element it applies to is a separate power as far as applying modifiers go, which is incorrect by my reading of the rules.

EricaOdd July 23rd, 2016 11:29 AM

Switchable doesn't seem to work right either.

If I build a 12 point power (including 2 points for Switchable), it lets me build a 12 point power to switch to. It should only let me build a 10 point power.

The power you switch to has a point cost equal to the main power minus the Switchable cost.

CapedCrusader July 23rd, 2016 11:48 AM

Erica - The extra points fort Super Karma are in a Reward on the Edges/Hindrances/Rewards tab. Since they changed it so you can use the Super Karma to give you a normal Reward instead of just the points, we added the extra Super Power Points as a Reward. This is why we had to allow Rewards to be unique now.

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