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kunimon at ya.com December 6th, 2004 07:18 AM

L5R Files
Two complete L5R files are still missing:

More important, and already tournamente legal, is _Dawn of the Empire_.
Much more recent, but yet not tournamente legas is _Web of Lies_.

Most Dawn and Web cards already featuring the "Lotus" bug alongside the
"Diamond" bug, marking the ground for the "Lotus" tournaments.

Also, lots of promos are missing. I think most have already been
reported, but just to recap:

Concurrent with Reign of Blood:
Strategic Ground
Temple of Ages
Yotsu Dagurasu

Note: A few promos you already have under the broad "Promotional" set,
are concurrent with Reign of Blood and could go there instead:
Fu Lion
The Stone Breaker
Strange Assembly

Concurrent with Hidden City:
Interesting Times
Otomo Ishihama
Scouting Report
Shrine to Tsukune
Tamori's Flame
*Hatsue (not yet released in English, just in Spanish)
*Yozo (not yet released in English, just in Spanish)

Concurrent with Wrath of the Emperor:
Book of Fire
The Daimyo's Gift (Exp)
Excellent Student
Keeper of Fire
Lean Times
Sword of Spirit
Toturi Kyoji
The Wasting Disease (Exp)
*Akasha (Exp) (not yet released in English, just in Spanish)
*Kenku Duelist (not yet released in English, just in Spanish)
*Yotsu Bodyguards (not yet released in English, just in Spanish)

**Aditionally 'Akasha (Exp)' comes in two "flavours"; Naga background
and Unicorn background. Both are mechanically identical.

Concurrent with Web of Lies
The Price of Power
Rosoku's Staff
A Time for Vengeance

-Kuni Mon

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