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rob November 25th, 2002 03:15 PM

Can I Transfer My License to a New PC?
Yes and no. The way the licensing mechanism works, you must wait 90 days
after initially installing the license before you can transfer it to a new
computer. After that initial waiting period, you can transfer it without
any problems. Upgrading the operating system will usually cause Card Vault
to think you've switched computers, so 90-day waiting period applies to O/S
upgrades as well.

If you run into a situation where you need to transfer your license early,
please send an explanation to support@wolflair.com. We're usually pretty
reasonable about things. :-)

Thanks, Rob

Rob Bowes (rob@wolflair.com) (559) 658-6995
Lone Wolf Development www.wolflair.com

ingneus December 18th, 2019 09:20 AM

So I am currently trying to change my liscense due to me moving to a new computer after my old one dying. everything says to go to support but it seems like it doesnt exist. If I go to lonewolfs support, the link doesnt work. directly from my profile, it doesnt work, any support hyperslinks from the forum, also doesnt work. Is there anywhere I can got to get this transferred?

Dami December 23rd, 2019 08:12 PM

You should be logging into your LW account to make changes. Any problems - send an email to LW support: support@wolflair.com

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