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CapedCrusader April 3rd, 2019 02:21 PM

The New SWADE Chase Rules
I just wanted to give you a convention report. My game the year was a mash-up of The Wacky Races from Hanna-Barberra and the Mad Max movies. (I swear I did not know about the comic book before I wrote it lol. But it was a great source of graphics, I found the original cartoon work-ups.)

I used the new SWADE Chase rules. And kept the group busy for 4 hours using nothing but that. And I could have gone another two, easy. There was a third leg of the race we ran out of time for. Granted, I was using 12-15 Chase cards... but the rules worked great for just running a race. Well, with a few enemies sprinkled on top for flavor. ToeCutter and The Humongous had to put in a appearance. But the players were trying to ram each other, and one up each other, all through the race.

If you have not tried them yet, take a look. The new Chase Rules are very cool!

zarlor April 3rd, 2019 04:15 PM

You know, we never used the chase rules very often, through several of their incarnations, and TBH they ranged from "meh" to "huh?" (i.e. from not all that interesting to rather confusing.) So I haven't even really looked at the current rules for them. I'll have to see if a good opportunity comes up to really give them a run through. Thanks for the review!

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