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tkarn June 14th, 2018 12:38 AM

Bootstrap with Condition

i try to code a custom system and have a question, I didn't find the correct solution yet. Maybe it's only a syntax problem.

I have a Fighter class: ctyKampfer.
I have an 2 level for Fighter: ChTypSt.cttKampf2.
I have a ability "Trained with all weapons": sfcTrAlWaK

sfcTrAlWaK is bootstrapped by ctyKampfer. This works fine.

Now I wish the following:
sfcTrAlWaK should only be bootstrapped, when ChTypSt.cttKampf2 is assigned.

I tried to add a condition for sfcTrAlWaK:
In the setup phase with priority: 100


Now the "Trained with all weapons" ability disppeares, if ChTypSt.cttKampf2 is assigned or not.

What is wrong?

EDIT: A (hero.tagis[ChTypStu.Stufe2] <> 0) makes a syntax or "hero.tagis" not defined error.
I searched in the wiki, but i did'nt find a solution.

TCArknight June 14th, 2018 04:18 AM

Look at what priority and phase ChTypSt.cttKampf2 is being assigned. It sounds like you’re checking the hero for the tag before it’s assigned, and those it’ll never be present for the check.

tkarn June 14th, 2018 04:48 AM

Oh, thank you. That was the problem.

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