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Duggan October 12th, 2017 09:38 AM

Undocumented Features
The wiki is what it is, and the odds are that it will probably be a while until Lone Wolf can put the resources into expanding it again. I'm sure we've all benefited from Mathias mentioning a feature that doesn't exist in the official documentation, or a situation where the wiki is unclear. I figure we can link to the posts where he's revealed those nuggets. I plan to keep a list at the top.
  • InputThingGroup - It's possible to define a single template and then reuse it in different places in the editor.
  • batchadd - This does exist on the wiki, but without example code. Side note, as of when I started messing with it, autogap defaults to 0, not 10, which causes display issues.
  • Not really something undocumented, but if you're using Notepad++, to improve your Find in Files experience, set a filter of config.cfg *.pkg definition.def *.1st *.core *.str *.aug *.dat to only search through the source files. This will save you a lot of superfluous matches in the HTML, hlz, and xml files, as well as speed up your search since other files won't be touched.
  • isshowonly - The presence of this setting can be checked with "tagis[thing.showonly] <> 0"

So, let me know what works for you guys. Heck, if you've got some bits of clever coding that you feel covers something that others will want to do, let me know too.

Duggan December 30th, 2017 07:51 PM

If a text field does does not have "maxlength" set, it's treated as a number.

Duggan February 22nd, 2018 08:25 AM

Bitmaps need to be exported as 24 bit RGB with no color map (GIMP, at the least, defaults to exporting the color map).

Duggan August 1st, 2018 05:42 AM

Code and Examples for Agents.

Duggan July 3rd, 2019 08:44 AM

The quickadd operation is not documented, but Mathias has provided some source code from Pathfinder.

Duggan September 1st, 2019 09:59 AM

You can loop through the bootstrapped entries for an Entity / Gizmo using this code :

foreach bootstrap in entity from <ComponentSet>

When using this for code that might apply to either a Pick or a Thing (like for a description procedure), you have to use two different branches, like the following:

if (isentity = 1) then
  if (ispick = 0) then
    foreach bootstrap in entity from WeapQual
      special = splice(special, eachthing.field[name].text,", ")
    foreach pick in gizmo from WeapQual
      special = splice(special, eachpick.field[thingname].text,", ")

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