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Aldaron May 10th, 2020 05:18 PM

How does one add a setting?
I'm trying to modify HL CoC for a Dark Ages campaign. At the moment, the only two settings are 1920s and Modern. Is there any way in the editor to add a setting?

Lexin May 11th, 2020 01:58 AM

I'd like to know this, too, as I want to run a CofC Invictus campaign.

Mathias May 11th, 2020 07:27 AM

In the editor, in the Sources control that should be second to last on each tab, first move your mouse over the "?" to the right of "Setting" so that you find its Id, then create a new source, and fill in that Id as the Parent Source instead of the default of UserParent.

Unfortunately, this doesn't allow new cost fields to be added, which is why there's the Custom Setting A Cost and Custom Setting B Cost in 6th edition (but not 7th - it's a lot of overhead to retain in the purchasing mechanisms) - so in 6th edition, the alternative is to declare one of those settings to be the one you'll be using, and then you'll have a cost field to fill in.

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