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HerpbertDipson June 18th, 2019 08:37 PM

Questions about Custom Magic Weapon Creation
So I've made a magic item using the editor but I don't see it appearing on any character that create. Do I need to load a file or something?

In addition to that, I'm having problems finding out how to add custom abilities. I figured out how to add the spell abilities (I think)? But the Cavalier or Samurai are giving me a harder time.

Note: They don't really have to work, I just want a check box so that I mark if I've used them or not.

:confused: Trident Of Titanous

Dami June 18th, 2019 11:42 PM

First, when you created the item in the editor, did you "test now" and save it in a user file. (You'll need to do that before HL can make it available).
Second, did you give it a source? If you did, you need that source turned on for the Hero, or you can't purchase/add the item.
As for the special power - look at something in the editor using "New (copy)" to see how another item does a daily ability. Eg: Hurricane Quarterstaff - check under Magic / Weapon, magic, for the item itself, and General / Ability for the power.

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