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Paragon September 7th, 2017 10:54 AM

Affliction DC modification?
Hey, for an upcoming campaign we're instituting a house rule to start Affliction saves from 12 instead of 10. I've done some mousing around in the Editor and I don't see an obvious place to do a replacement to address this here (I'd guess it'd be a procedure if it was there).

Anyone got an idea how I can do this? I'm guessing it's got something to do with AttkDC, but have no idea where that's stored and/or if its accessible.

Duggan September 7th, 2017 01:04 PM

You can change it in an Eval Script. Changing AtkDC will mess with PL. Better to change atkDCBase.


~ Apply the bonus
field[atkDCBase].value = 12

Paragon September 7th, 2017 01:17 PM

Where would this go? In a replacement for Affliction? Any idea if all the constructed examples just reference Affliction or duplicate the code? How about the Grapple calculation?

While I've done a fair amount of HL hacking, its all been in D&D 4e and Savage Worlds, so I'm not familiar with the HL M&M layout (which is ironic since I played M&M before and much more extensively than either, but pretty much stopped right about the time HL came out for it).

Duggan September 7th, 2017 02:28 PM

I put it in a replacement for Affliction. And you are right that it does not affect the Constructed examples because their Auto-Add adds the old version of the Affliction. Hmm... you may be out of luck on this one.

Paragon September 7th, 2017 03:12 PM

I was afraid that might be the case. I wonder if there's any way to do this as a procedure? Not knowledgeable enough to know how if there is, unfortunately, and I suspect you're the most knowledgeable person who pays attention to this game system anymore.

If I could access the overall xml I could do a search and replace on the Affliction ID everywhere, but as I recall, you can't do that with sourcebook data.

Duggan September 7th, 2017 04:38 PM

Nope. You can take a peek in the hlz files, but it doesn't let you go that deep.

Paragon September 7th, 2017 04:50 PM

Yeah. I got a little spoiled working with the 4e files, which were entirely fanmade so I could modify anything in the xml if I wanted.

charlieluce January 13th, 2018 04:19 PM

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Pondering this, I decided to go with ShadowChemosh's philosophy that when all else fails, make an Adjustment for it.

Duggan January 13th, 2018 08:37 PM

That works. :)

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