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jmucchiello May 13th, 2019 01:04 PM

Deflect issue (perhaps)
It seems to count your ranks in Deflect as ranks in Toughness for purposes of the validation reports. I don't think it should.

jmucchiello May 13th, 2019 03:09 PM

Minimum reproduction:

New Hero, PL 10, no house rules
Set Stamina to 15
Create Deflect power rank 6.

HL Tells you the PL restricts Deflect to 5.

charlieluce May 13th, 2019 03:18 PM

The rulebook says that Deflect is limited by Power Level, and since it's a Defense it's going to be balanced against Toughness.

jmucchiello May 13th, 2019 05:01 PM

But it doesn't affect the character. It affects others.

charlieluce May 13th, 2019 09:32 PM

By default, Deflect can be used as an active defense by the character that possesses it, so PL takes that into account. I suppose you could put some sort of Flaw on the power to prevent using it on youself, though I can't find anything in the M&M3 books that does or even talks about that.

Duggan May 14th, 2019 05:20 AM

And the "applied to others" method gets messy because, well, it should be limited by their PL, or perhaps the PL of the campaign setting. So they'd still get the benefit of essentially rolling d10+10, but if they're already at caps, they don't get to go past them. But yes, the PL restriction is meant to apply to the "user only" method.

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