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trrsk_lor May 10th, 2020 07:26 PM

Script Feature Request - Expository & Flavor Text
I'm prepping my first Starfinder game with HLO; and I really like the theater analogy used in campaign mode to describe the flow of a session.

I normally use Google Docs in my 5E games to describe the flow of things, and I would love to switch over entirely to using the scene model, but there are some key things that are missing:

1) Description Text - This would be a GM private view of the intent of a scene.

2) Flavor Text - Sometimes we have an expository text to set the scene or describe the world. Sometimes this comes from the narrator, and sometimes from an NPC. If it were coming from an NPC, it would be really cool to be able to describe skill challenges characters can do to influence what's happening for example:
<Expository Text>
Intimidate DC15 - <NPC Crumples>
Sense Motive DC10 <NPC is untrustworthy>

3) Skill Challenge Tracking
The script can currently flip into tactical mode for combat; it would be cool if it could switch into other modes as well - imagine a table with one row per round and column per character. Characters could have a Pass/Fail result against a skill. This could be used to track bonuses for other characters in the skill challenge.

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