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Fiordhraoi August 12th, 2022 07:15 PM

Bug - Synthesist Summoner Attribute Bonus Error
I've run into a bug where the Synthesist summoner Eidolon attributes are not translating correctly. This is normally the sort of thing where I'd just slap an adjustment onto the sheet to correct the error, but because the Eidolon stats are REPLACING the character's stats, the ability score adjustment doesn't work.

I am currently running into the issue with Strength, but the behavior seems to hold for both the +Dex and +Con evolutions.

To duplicate the issue:
  • Create a new character, add 1 level of summoner
  • add the Synthesist archetype
  • Go to the summoner tab, select "special abilities" and then the configure button next to Fused Eidolon
  • Select "biped" as race, and give it some hit points
  • Close the menu without selecting any Evolutions
  • Go to the in-play tab and check "Fused Eidolon." You should see the character physical attributes change to 16/12/13. This is the correct behavior.
  • Go back to the Eidolon configuration menu, and add the "Ability Increase - Strength" evolution. Note that the Eidolon's strength increases to 18.
  • Close out of the menu. Note that the character's physical attributes are still 16/12/13, instead of 18/12/13. The +2 Str from the eidolon Evolution is missing.
  • Uncheck and re-check Fused Eidolon on the In-Play tab. Note that the character's strength returns to 10 (correct) and then goes back to 16 (incorrect, should be 18).
  • And perhaps weirdest - Go back to the Eidolon config screen. Click the X to remove Ability Increase - Strength. When the evolution is removed, the character's strength increases to 18 (incorrect - should now be 16 without the extra +2 from the evolution). This "phantom" +2 goes away if you uncheck and re-check Fused Eidolon in the In-Play tab, and it appears to recalculate itself on its own if you do anything involving attributes, so I am assuming something else can trigger the "update."

As mentioned, if I go to the Personal tab and attempt to do an ability score adjustment, it doesn't change anything because of the way the ability score is replaced by the Eidolon. Anyone have any ideas for how to get around this bug so I can print an accurate sheet for the character?

Thanks all!

Ryan F August 13th, 2022 07:37 AM

Hey there,

The best thing you could do is contact us at our support email which you can locate in my signature, this information is fantastically comprehensive, but generally speaking, bugs and issues are always best handled via this method as it gives us a way to communicate one on one with you and also request information and offer troubleshooting in a way that isn't really super appropriate to handle publicly such as having you send us screenshots or generate Snapshot copies of the Character where you're seeing the problem.

So, in short, thank you for raising the issue, but I'd kindly ask you to fire up your preferred email service and send us this in a direct message so we can get that linked to the system and have a way to tie it to the tracking system we use for user follow-up and to ensure there is a solid paper trail to you even should you not happen to browse the forums often.


ploturo August 14th, 2022 02:03 PM

As a temporary workaround, in the eidolon configuration window you could add level-based ability score increases to raise the strength of the eidolon to 18, instead of adding the evolution?

It will cause a validation error, but it should give you the correct stats for the hero.

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