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haibane June 22nd, 2022 06:50 PM

Forum link
Is it possible to add a link to the forum on herolab? I usually go through 3 steps to get here. Store, lone wolf site, then forum. Sorry if I'm just missing something, but it isn't obvious.

Parody June 22nd, 2022 08:42 PM

You can Bookmark (or similar) the forum site using the features in your browser.

haibane July 1st, 2022 08:31 AM

So you're either trolling or missing the point of my post. If a common user is looking for the forums it's not easy to find from the application, and you likely don't know it exists.

Parody July 1st, 2022 04:07 PM


Originally Posted by haibane (Post 299381)
I usually go through 3 steps to get here.

This made me think you (specifically) were doing it every time you wanted to visit the forums. Many people don't know about software features like Bookmarks/Favorites. It was an honest suggestion.

As always: if you haven't already, submit your suggestion for a change in Hero Lab Online as a Bug Report.

Farling August 14th, 2022 02:25 AM

I'm not sure you can trust the forums any more.

Their https certificate has been expired for around 200 days, and still no sign of fixing it.

This means you can only make an insecure connection to the forums web site.

Dami August 15th, 2022 02:55 AM

Pity about the Forum security going bad for so long. Another bad mark on LW's card.

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