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perlot February 13th, 2015 10:16 AM

"sub" squads

I feel this must be a stupid, obvious question but...

I am creating a 40k list, I have chosen the "ork horde detachment" as a group (squad?) so that I can make sure the army is battleborn, but some of my units are organised into larger groups (as you do) and I can't see how you can put individual units together in a group (squad?) when they are in the detachment... is there a way?

For example, all my units are under the ork detachment, but my meganobz and mad dok grotsnik are in a group when I field them, so I'd like to see them together on my roster, identified as a group, in the same way the meganobz battlewagon is part of their group, but only because it is a sub-option in the meganobz unit...



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