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Naterstein March 20th, 2007 06:11 AM

Spotted a few things that need tweaked or added.
Hey Butcher,
I know you working pretty hard on these data files, but a few things I found while trying to make some armies. Hope this helps.

Faithful- Could be limited to Priestess, but it seems that the system is calculating Miracles in the old fashion based on Aspects instead of the new system which is based on Fervour. Faithful are allowed to take up to 2x their total aspects in miracles based on the miracle's Fervour. In addition they are limited to taking miracles whose aspects do not exceed the faithfuls aspects (IE PoS2nd cannot take any miracles that have more creation aspects over her printed creation aspect of 1.)

WarMonks- are limited to ONE miracle (plus one reserved) whose fervour cannot exceed the total of their printed aspects and are limited to the miracles whose aspect are less than or equal to the monks aspects.

*Sered doesnt have the ability to take the Vengeance of the Temple spell that actually comes with him.

Missing Griffin Standard Bearer and Musician (17ap and 18ap) from Griffin Warstaff Box.

Missing Executioner of the Inquisition profile.

Thallion rider profiles do not have stats nor do they adjust when choosing Profile.

Inquisition Crusade not adding on crusade cost properly. It seems to add 2ap to the first model per line, but does not add to subsequent additions (IE 2 Praetorians are adding up to 78ap rather than the 80ap they should be).

Missing some of the Theological Virtues.

I havent perused thru all armies, but I just noticed these.

Thanks for putting this all together.

thebutcher March 28th, 2007 09:26 AM

Warrior monks have reserved miracles?
I have no idea what that is...the last I saw they are still limited to one miracle unless they have a "Special" ability like the Sentences for the Griffin guys.

I'll have to check the Griffin file, I thought I had finished all the 3.5 changes for Faithful units. Could be just the Priestess.

Yeah, the Executioner of the Inquisition....where is that from? Is it from the army pack? Several people have asked about him and I'm not sure where his card's from.

Thanks for the help!

Naterstein March 28th, 2007 03:52 PM

Executioner of the Inquisition is from Warriors of Ragnarok cardpack. IIRC he has 1 more RES and Fierce for 25ap, but otherwise just the same.

The warmonk thing of taking 1 reserved and 1 normal is apparently something Misericord can do.

thebutcher March 29th, 2007 09:14 AM

You know, I swear I picked up that card pack but it seems there are a few things floating around that are missing in the AB files from there....I'll have to dig around again.


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