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Frodie February 20th, 2020 04:04 PM

Custom Material
Can custom material be add so it's available to all my characters, or do you have have to add it to each individual character?

bruuuuuu February 22nd, 2020 04:09 PM

You have to add it to each individual character, at least at this time. This may change in the future, but that's how it works for now.

Joe February 24th, 2020 09:06 AM

bruuuuuu is correct that right now you need to make it separately for each character, but in the future we hope to offer a way to make it transferable.

What kind of custom material are you making? Knowing this will help guide our decision making process for how such transferring might work.

magpi February 24th, 2020 10:04 AM

As for myself, custom weapons and armor mainly. Custom weapons more often for PF2 and custom armor more often from SF.

Frodie February 24th, 2020 10:14 AM

I was going to just do some simple feats,(just text).

Nightstar February 24th, 2020 11:44 AM

For me, custom races, weapons, armor, feats, archetypes... I really miss how you could have a customization file with all of your house rules, etc, in the old herolab.

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