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gnomatsu July 12th, 2020 04:46 AM

Building an NPC from a Paizo Module
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Does anyone know what the easiest way to model an NPC from a paizo starfinder module in Herolab online is?

Example I want load up a cultist NPC from Dead Suns the 13th gate. I can never seem to get the stats to match whats in the book.

There are multiple options for creating (attached screenshot), I'm not sure which choose and no matter which i choose i can never seem to get the exact stats right and its cumbersome.

the tools are great for creating my own npcs, or pulling one from the alien archives, but the inline npcs in a printed module are a royal pain to setup.

Am i missing something?

Thanks for your help (love herolab in every other way ;-) )

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flyteach July 12th, 2020 04:24 PM

Agreed. It would be nice if there were a place where this stuff was explained or demonstrated. Unfortunately, no one wants to create documentation or instructions (I'm talking vendor provided documentation). Not even sure what a "Stand-in Player Character (PC)" is or, even worse, what a "Player Character Rules (NPC)" might be. Not sure how you can be both PC and NPC at the same time.

magpi July 12th, 2020 07:27 PM

A stand in is for a PC not using HLO while an Player Character Rules NPC is created using PC creation rules rather than regular NPC rules.

Mathias July 13th, 2020 09:33 AM

And a "Basic Monster or NPC" doesn't make you go through the whole set of steps detailed in alien archive where you pick a CR, pick an array, type graft, subtype graft, class graft, etc. and have HL calculate the final statistics from that information - for a basic monster, you just type in the final values, and you probably will only be filling in the minimum that you need to get the monster onto the initiative tracker, like an initiative bonus, name, picture, and maybe hp, and then you're running them from the original source rather than looking up every ability in HL.

Mathias July 13th, 2020 09:37 AM

Take a look at post #9 in this thread: http://forums.wolflair.com/showthread.php?t=60539 for step-by-step instructions on entering one of the NPCs from Dead Suns 1.

gnomatsu July 14th, 2020 04:28 AM

Thanks for the info, that link makes clear it was the lack of a human race in Basic NPC option that was confusing me, I needed to add a humanoid graft.

Whats confusing me now is that once a basic NPC is created I can't find a way to add a class graft (for soldier) which i need.

I can add the individual soldier skill via customize race/ add offensive abilities but some of them show up yellow saying soldier required, but it works I guess.

I thinks what needed here on top the existing system is a wizard to step through each stage of creation

Mathias July 14th, 2020 08:00 AM

Yes, with the basic NPCs, you don't follow the NPC creation rules, like choosing grafts, you just add the pieces that matter. If you want to use a class graft and have it add the right things at the right level, create a detailed NPC.

gnomatsu July 14th, 2020 11:14 AM

Thanks Mathias

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