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evdjj3j September 1st, 2019 07:02 AM

Bug tracking
We used to get a link to track our bug reports a few years back why donít we get these anymore? I submitted bugs years ago that havenít been fixed it would be nice to see the status of these. One of the bugs is used by naysayers to point out how Lone Wolf doesnít support their products well.

Duggan September 3rd, 2019 08:23 AM

If they're still using FogBugz, you can open any of the existing links and a list of submitted bugs will appear at the bottom. Unfortunately, I don't think I've submitted a bug since 2017, so I can't verify if new bugs show up there.

dacoobob September 3rd, 2019 09:18 AM

i submitted several bugs a couple of weeks ago and received emails with tracking links for each of them. check your spam folder?

Lj Stephens September 3rd, 2019 10:39 AM

Thanks Dacoobob! You beat me to it!

evdjj3j September 4th, 2019 05:57 AM

I checked Frogbugz and the last one I got was from 12/09/2019, it had older bug reports but nothing newer. I checked spam and nothing was there. I've some submitted bug reports since December.

Mathias September 4th, 2019 07:28 AM

evdjj3j, I just looked up the email address associated with your forum account and searched for that in fogbugz, and I see 41 cases from that search, but it looks like they're all from 2014 to 2018. Please PM me the email address you would have used for recent messages, and I can check for those messages.

evdjj3j September 4th, 2019 01:55 PM

I’ve always used the same email address up until as recently as a few weeks ago. I’ve submitted a few bug reports in the last month or so. I can still see the same ones you are seeing using old support emails Ive saved.

dacoobob September 4th, 2019 01:57 PM

you have to manually enter your email address each time you submit a bug report, any chance you missed that step?

evdjj3j September 4th, 2019 02:02 PM

No, I wouldn’t think so, not that many times, the bug reports end at the end of 2018. I try to be as thorough as possible when I submit bug reports.

Mathias September 4th, 2019 02:40 PM

I'd recommend trying a test bug report, and tell me what time it was submitted - I'll look at that time to see what comes in.

Also, can you check upstream from your own inbox, to see if your email provider is blocking it before telling you about the emails?

If that's not it, I'm afraid my next suggestion is to double-check for typos. If you're using the bug report forms, perhaps your web browser is auto-filling some info, and has the wrong thing saved, or if you're emailing them, perhaps there's a mis-set address.

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