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PharaohTet September 21st, 2018 10:05 AM

Image Layering
This is probably a longshot, but I thought I'd throw it out there.... :rolleyes:

An option to use/work with "layered" images as a snippet.

It would be magnificent if we could add map views that allowed the user to show/hide things like weather, prevailing winds, politics, etc.

<and yes, I can take NO for an answer...>

kbs666 September 21st, 2018 01:29 PM

This is supposed to be a feature of existing smart images. I've never had much luck using it.

Load a smart image. From there click the hammer and wrench ico at the top of the topic pane, or press F7, there should be a menu item for Overlay Image -> Load Overlay Image (plus some disabled stuff). The only thing that has ever worked at all for me is a transparent gif the exact same number of pixels and shape of the base image. From there you're on your own. I simply couldn't do anything with it and all my questions to the devs went unanswered.

If you do have any luck making it work please post about it.

daplunk September 21st, 2018 01:47 PM

The layering works but its only layers one layer over another. So one layer with GM Info over the Player Map for example.

kbs666 September 21st, 2018 06:08 PM

Could you get it to work without crashing on a regular basis?

daplunk September 21st, 2018 09:20 PM

Never had it crash tbh. I have it setup on almost every map.

Bidmaron September 22nd, 2018 03:11 AM

His map is probably too high a resolution for his computer resources.

kbs666 September 22nd, 2018 06:37 AM

I use 4k by 4k pixel maps because anything smaller looks even worse on my monitor. I am using hardware made in 2017 and my players shouldn't have to squint to see RW's maps on my 4k display.

But I'm sure you'll again try to tell me how much more you know about computer software than I do. After lecturing me on codecs and the sending of uncompressed video over ethernet the last time. But please go on. I never tire of being told I'm wrong by someone who knows less than I do.

Bidmaron September 22nd, 2018 07:46 AM

Oh, didn't pay enough attention to realize you were the one with the issue, kbs. Sorry. I am certain you are doing everything absolutely right and the software that works for daplunk just won't work for you, maybe because it recognizes your brilliance and just refuses to work.

Farling September 22nd, 2018 01:41 PM


Originally Posted by kbs666 (Post 270741)
I use 4k by 4k pixel maps

Isn't there a published recommendation not to use more than 3k by 3k maps for performance (and crashing) reasons?

kbs666 September 22nd, 2018 03:27 PM

Whatever it is. I get the warning and resize to make RW shut up.

All the images look terrible so I'm trying to not put any in any more.

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