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stubbdog January 16th, 2007 01:08 PM

Reaper CAV structure points
Until a CAV forum is started I am gonna post my thoughts and such here. And then wil ask a mod to move over tto the correct forum at that time.

So, here goes. First gonna try to explain the game construct rules a little, and then follow up with some posts about my thoughts on how it should be done in AB.

stubbdog January 16th, 2007 01:26 PM

CAV is made up of models (units), each one based on a type and a role:

CAV (mecha), Vehicle, Gunship, Infantry

Attack, Fire support, Recon, Transport, Support

Type has some affects on unit stats and gameplay, but Role is what the rest of the build is based on.

This is a game of leaderless squads called sections. Sections are broken down into primaries and secondaries.

Primary sections: Armor, Rifle, Mechanized Infantry, Specialist
Secondary Sections: Fire Support, Flight, Recon, Mortar, Transport

You can never have more secondary sections than primary sections.

Sections have restrictions on the number of models that are allowed in them.
Models are allowed in the different sections based on their Roles.

Armor section = 4-6 models with role type = Attack

stubbdog January 16th, 2007 01:45 PM

So, just starting with that information, I am figuring on the following:

In the definition file:
Group Tab:

Group ID : g_urole
Group Name : Unit Role
with tags
ID g_role_att : Name Attack
ID g_role_fs : Name Fire Support
ID g_role_rec : Name Recon
ID g_role_tran : Name Transport
ID g_role_sup : Name Support

Group ID : g_utype
Group Name : Unit Type
with tags:
ID g_utype_cav : Name CAV
ID g_utype_vehic : Name Vehicle
ID g_utype_gs : Name Gunship
ID g_utype_inf : Name Infantry

Group ID : g_srole
Group Name: Section Role
with tags:
ID g_srole_arm : Name Armor Section
ID g_srole_rif : Name Rifle Section
ID g_srole_minf : Name Mechanized Infantry Section
ID g_srole_spec : Name Specialist Section
ID g_srole_fs : Name Fire Support Section
ID g_srole_fli : Name Flight Section
ID g_srole_rec : Name Recon Section
ID g_srole_mort : Name Mortar Section
ID g_srole_tran : Name Transport Section

Group ID : g_stype
Group Name: Section Type
with tags:
ID g_stype_pri : Name Primary Section
ID g_stype_sec : Name Secondary Section

Please let me know if this is kinda on the right track on the way to start... Or maybe instead of making them all groups, should one or more of them be under categories?

I figure, eventually under Profiles is where I would make the rule that says must have atleast one primary and cannot have more secondaries than primaries.

stubbdog January 18th, 2007 07:01 AM

Or would it be better to instead of having separate lists for section roles and section tpes, should I simply have two groups:


with the appropriate sections in each?

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