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The Wyrm Ouroboros July 7th, 2018 09:33 PM

"Domain Influence" Tab Missing
At some point in the last update or three -- I hate to admit I don't recall exactly when it happened -- the 'Domain Influence' tab resulting from using the Emissary arcane familiar archetype and its subsequent ability to actually choose the 'Domain Influence' ability it gives has disappeared. Is there any easy quick fix for this? Can this be fixed in the next update, perhaps?

..... aaaaand after posting I realize I should have put this into the bugfix zone, and I can't delete. Sorry.

mlenehan1 May 26th, 2019 06:29 AM

Upon further review this is still missing. Anyone have a workaround?

Rone May 28th, 2019 05:13 AM

We need to take a closer look at this. Could you please email support@wolflair.com with your version info and attach a portfolio that suffers from the domain influence tab not showing up?


Aaron May 30th, 2019 09:48 AM

This bug was reported last week and I believe I have it fixed for the next release.

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