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Phrll December 2nd, 2018 03:32 PM

Bug in TCArknight's Doctor Who dataset
I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this so please tell me if it should be posted elsewhere.

I found a bug in TCArknight's Doctor Who dataset. When adding a Special Trait, it's not adjusting the character's Story Point total even when the trait has the StoryCost tag. It isn't adjusting for both Good and Bad Traits. Story Points are being adjusted correctly for Gadgets.

TCArknight December 3rd, 2018 07:57 AM

Hi Phrill!

Thanks for letting me know (Wasnít sure anyone was using it... lol ). Iíll check on it and get it fixed ASAP.

Phrll December 7th, 2018 05:29 AM

No gadgets in the editor
There's no Gadget tab in the editor :(.

TCArknight December 7th, 2018 06:02 AM


Originally Posted by Phrll (Post 273699)
There's no Gadget tab in the editor :(.

I'll see what I can do about adding that. :)

TCArknight January 15th, 2019 07:21 AM

I'll get to looking at this as soon as I have a moment. :)

Phrll January 15th, 2019 10:06 AM

No rush, I'm able to work around the Story Point bug and I added a Gadget section to the editor.

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